Causes Low Back Pain and Penis Problems

It doesn’t matter how tough you THINK you are,
there is one thing that will ultimately break even
the manliest of men.

This force is so strong that it can kill you in an
instant, or slowly erode your mind and body over
several years until you collapse.

I have seen grown men crack under its pressure,
and cry like babies.


It has ruined countless lives by putting people
under a spell that has created:

* Cancer
* Sexual Impotence
* Bad Relationships
* Intestinal Parasites
* Drug / Alcohol Addiction
* Depression
* Social Anxiety
* Cowardliness
* Laziness
* Procrastination
* Heart Attack / Disease
* Low Back / Neck Pain
* Fatness
* Physical Weakness
* Sickly Offspring
* Muscular Imbalance
* Insomnia
* Imbalanced Hormones

…and that list can go on, and on, and on!

What force could possibly be so strong and powerful
that it could ruin so many people in so many ways?

We call it – STRESS.

Stress comes to you in various forms of extrinsic and
intrinsic stimuli.

Everyone is under stress… it’s just the way of life. In
fact if there was no stress, there would be no growth.

Stress on your muscle causes catabolic breakdown, and
stress on your muscle also stimulates anabolic build up.

Stress gives life and taketh away.

Then why are so many sick, sad, dysfunctional and
depressed about it?

Because these weak people don’t understand the tricks
and secrets to control stress.

When stress comes at you, as it does everyone, you
might try to avoid it, ignore it, or even fight against it.

This is the wrong way to work with stress.

The STRONG way to work with stress is to see it
coming and use its power to make you even STRONGER.

Just like a skilled Judo practitioner who uses the force
of his opponent against him to bring him down so that
the match is won…

We can use stress to maximize our potential for growth,
strength, success and wisdom.

The trick is to SEE the stress for what it is, not take it
personally… and follow strategy #7 in my e book below.

“7 Strategies For A Stronger Nervous System”

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse




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