Paleo Summit Interview: Paul Check

For the past few days I have been following my friend Sean Croxton as he’s interviewed over a dozen experts on the “Paleo Diet” for his new audio series titled The Paleo Summit.

If you’ve been reading my blog, following me on YouTube or Facebook for some time, you know how much I have been influenced by the ideas and methods of Paul Chek.

I was so excited to discover that Sean just recorded a full one hour interview with Paul Chek earlier this week for The Paleo Summit.

Here is the video / interview for you to check out.  But a fair warning before you begin listening… Paul is a wild dude with many of his own unique ideas (like someone else you may know ;)).  So, you may not agree with everything that he says but you can be sure that he comes from a place of experience, passion and conviction… and THAT is what I love so much about him.

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