Don’t be like these people

If you’ve watched my videos or have been a member of this
newsletter for some time, you know that I never hold back
on sharing vital information with you.

If you never buy any of my books or any of the other books
I recommend….

…and just read my newsletters or watch my videos, over time
you will learn everything you need to know to build a strong
and vibrant body.

I love teaching people how to get stronger.

So I really don’t mind telling you everything I know… holding
nothing back.

But there is one thing that really pisses me off.

People who hear my advice and don’t take action on it.

This irritates me to the bone.

And of all the advice I give, it is the BASICS that I emphasize
more than anything.

If you are not sleeping enough, don’t ask me about working out.

If you’re eating processed foods and sugar, don’t ask me about fat

And if you are not drinking water… don’t fucking talk to me
at all!

If I sound aggravated, its because I am.

I’m shocked that we even have to have a conversation like this.

Drinking water is one of the most fundamental principles for all
organic life on earth!

Nothing lives without water.

Yet, there are people who DO NOT drink water at all… and
others who simply don’t drink enough.

On the surface they’ll suffer from all types of ugly aliments like
weight gain, weak muscles and foggy thinking.

But whats happening on a physiological level is far, far more

Chronic dehydration can lead to every sort of physiological
dysfunction… from Asthma to Cancer.

If you don’t believe me then study the work of a man named
Doctor F. Batmanghelidj and his book Your Body’s Many
Cries For Water.

So, of course I agree with Steve Holman’s fourth step in his
5 Simple Steps To Looking Younger

Like Steve mentions in his article and new book…

Drinking water will keep you looking and feeling younger
well into your older ages.


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Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. I agree%200(if it were possible) because up until a few years ago I was one of those people.. until I met my wife who schooled me one the many benefits of drinking water. I havent drank anything but water since….smartest move I ever made other than marrying her(gotta give props where it is due). Keep sharing the knowledge brother…there are those who do take heed! One!!

  2. Hello Elliot!
    Im a big fan of your training videos.

    I watched one of your videos a couple of months ago, in the video you talk about people that stress and dont feel good about themselves are probably going to end up with cancer by the age of 30. My mother is fighting cancer and im still thinking about what you said in that video. I got a little bit offended, because it felt like you are blaming the people who gets cancer. Can you further explain what you meant? I have never heard anything like that before. It really got me sad to be honest with you. I dont remember wich video it was, but hopefully you remember.

    Dont get me wrong, you are doing a great job man! Real role model, thats why it matters so much to me i guess.
    It would be awesome to get an answer.

    With kind regards Eric

  3. Post


    First, I pray that you and your family grow stronger from the challenges your facing.

    It is my conviction that we are all faced with unique challenges specific to the areas in our character that may need strengthening. –> http://youtu.be/_IS_5zt35Tc

    With regard to your mother and cancer.

    No one willing does anything that will ultimately cause themselves pain or suffering, its against human nature to do so.

    But there are many ways that modern human’s are living that has a direct link to many of the chronic diseases we are suffering from.

    Cancer is one of these modern chronic diseases that in many ways is linked to our nutrition and lifestyle.

    Often many of these lifestyle dysfunctions are out of our personal reach, things like electromagnetic radiation, pesticides in our water and food, and even the air we breathe call all lead to chronic disease.

    Also, many diseases including some cancers are a direct result of our subconscious resistance against our way of living. In this way, there is a fight between our “spirit” and our body, so to speak.

    This resistance can be sensed by the unhappiness that many of us live our lives experiencing. We do all of the right things, yet we are unhappy. This is the cause.

    Blaming people with cancer for their cancer is not my point. Pointing out that we, as a race of human beings, are making choices that are sickening ourselves is my point.

    Also I seek to empower.

    Empowerment begins when we take responsibility for all results in our lives, even if we didn’t have a conscious hand in causing it.

    In this way we are gain a position of strength vs. being victims of our circumstances.

    Thanks for reaching out Eric.

    And continue to grow stronger, and inspire those you love to do the same.


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