What’s Inside “The Perfect Gym”?

On Christmas day 2006 I was sitting in my parents living room brainstorming over how I was going to build my fitness training business with… 

NO money, 

NO equipment, 

and NO gym to train would-be clients. 

All I had was hustle, and the old van my dad gave me when my car broke down a few weeks earlier. 

My First Pieces Of Training Equipment Were TRASH

I used the old van to scope out local junk yards and dumps for stuff I could train people with.

I found this old tire to use for sled dragging, along with some old ropes, chains, sandbags and tree logs. 

This tire became my favorite piece of equipment. 

From this old tire, and the other junk I found around the city, I was able to start Strength Camp… my “perfect gym”. 

The perfect gym has nothing to do with new shiny equipment, an upscale “chrome and carpet” location, or air conditioning and juice bar. 

Training is about being uncomfortable. 

Training is about subjecting ourselves to physical, mental and emotional challenges.  The more uncomfortable, unconventional, and ugly the training environment… the more stronger we get.

The same goes for business, and starting your own Warehouse Gym.

As soldiers of strength we don’t aways have the luxury of fancy equipment, or a 6,000 square foot location.

Sometimes we have to improvise.

Sometimes we have to make do with what we’ve got.

But ALWAYS We Take Action Towards Our Dreams ….Whether We Are Ready Or Not.

That is how I built Strength Camp from nothing, into a worldwide movement.

That kind of hustle is what I am looking for in our new Warehouse Gym Warriors.

Guys who don’t have it all together (yet), but are willing to whatever it takes to achieve their goal of financial independence, and service as a strength coach.

If this is you…

If you think you have what it takes to succeed in the face of adversity.

If you don’t mind being the underdog.

If you enjoy the physical, mental and emotional challenges that come with starting a business from scratch (even with a family, like I did)… then you might be the right candidate for my new LIVE TRAINING program.

LIVE WEBINAR: Thursday September 7th 2017

Learn How To Pocket $10,000 – $20,000 Per Month As A Warehouse Gym Business Owner 

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At this LIVE training you will learn the Three Foundation Principles I used to build my first Five-Figures Per Month Warehouse Gym in 2007 without social media, no advertising budget, and no business or marketing experience at all.

Keep Growing Stronger, 
E Hulse


For starters, if you need a warm and cozy guarantee of success… then don’t bother joining the program.

There is NO GUARANTEE… the only thing you’ll ever be promised is an opportunity to learn and take action.

Everything else is up to your hustle, hard work and the God in heaven.

Faith is required.

I’ve got the plan.

You provide the rest.

See you there –> http://strengthcamp.com/WarehouseGymMillionaire