Power vs. Force (how to attract others)

***HULSE STRENGTH & WISDOM TRIBE MEMBERS ONLY*** One of my athletes asked me, “Elliott, how do I shine?”  In this video I describe how to walk with power in order to attract others, instead of forcing yourself on them!  This is a secret that all fascinating and attractive people understand, and they habitually practice the techniques in this video.

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  1. Hey Elliott,

    Just joined “The Tribe” and wanted to write my first post. I’m excited to learn and get even stronger in this journey of life. The stronger and more knowledge I get , the more I can help those around me.

    Greg in Jersey

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  3. Yo Elliott! I am going to purchase either the TXT program or the Critical Football program very soon and I was curious what the big differences are. My name is Cody Colville I am 16 and I play football, Im currently 220 lbs and Id like to get more explosive and powerful for next season and hopefully getting up to about 230-240 lbs. thanks for the videos, I study your stuff like a religon so keep up the good work, thanks!

    PS. I hope to be just like you someday and have my own warehouse gym if my football carreer doesnt work out like I hope so thank you, youve been a true inspiration.

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    Thanks Cody… I think TXT would be a better fit for you. I will be updating my other football programs pretty soon, but for now TXT is the most up to date.

    Keep up the great work kid!

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