Pray To “The Workout Gods”

Although I am not fully attached to any particular idea
or philosophy on living…

…I love reading all types of religious and spiritual scripture.

If you read with an unbiased eye you will come to discover
many powerful bits of information that will prove resourceful
on your journey of GROWING STRONGER.

I like this little nugget from a book they call Thessalonians.

“Pray without ceasing….” (5:17)

In my experience, prayer is less about repeating a particular
set of words aimed towards a particular deity.

Prayer is a state of being.

Its the demeanor though which we approach the people and
activities in our lives.

And the quote above proves my experience as valid.

To “pray without ceasing” means that it may be resourceful
to carry a prayerful attitude with you ALL DAY LONG.

No matter what you are doing, prayer is happening.

When I say “prayer”, I don’t mean it in the way that you may
have been taught. You are not bowing your knee and folding
your hands.

When I say “prayer” I am speaking of a state of being that
carries mindfulness, awareness, and concentration on the unity of
your activity with all of existence.

You are doing a thing.

But the thing you are doing is far more powerful than just the
movements that your body makes.

The power in your movements come from your attitude. And
when you are mindful, this movement becomes like a prayer.

That is why I say “pray to the workout gods”.

Training your body can be like a prayer.

When you pick up a barbell and mindlessly toss is around with
total disregard, focused only on the result of completing the set,
or how your body will soon come to look….

Your workout is empty; it is weak.

You are too focused on the future. On the end of the set. Or how
you will look in 4 months.

But when you offer 100% of your focus and concentration on
the present moment…

…on how hard, rough and cool the barbell feels in your hands.

…how relaxed or restrained your breathing is.

…how unmovable the ground feels beneath your feet.

…the tension that you may be holding behind your eyes.

…the tension, or lack of tension, in the muscles of your pelvic floor.

…the sound of the fan buzzing in the background.

…the smell of the rubber mats on the floor.

Now you are moving from a place of prayer.

Now the completion of your set is not a goal to reach, but a mere
consequence of your proceeding from one total movement to another.

Your sets go from an agony, to an ecstasy.

You move from being a hack, to a monk.

And your actions become an offering,

To the workout gods.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. To be honest, in these busy days in a busy society, working out is the only place where i feel total awareness, when i stop focusing on everything that is on the outside, problems included, and i start fully focusing on the inside, my breathing, my blood flow, my muscles working, my heart pumping.. i think it is what they call “a state of trance” and it is what keeps me sane in this crazy world we live in..
    Awesome post !!

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