Would YOU Punch This Guy In The Face?

As strong as I am and as tough as I can make myself look,
I am really not a fighter.

If someone wants to throw down with me I’d most likely
try to find a way to avoid fighting first.

Like this one time when I attended an EliteFTS seminar
up in Ohio. After the event myself and a few of the other
athletes met at a local bar to hang out for a few hours.

While me, two powerlifters and a pro boxer were simply
leaning back on the bar, sipping on a beer and looking out
at the crowd of dancing girls…. some dude decides to “step
up” to me!

For no reason whatsoever, this guy picked me out to fight

I wanted nothing to do with him, and instead of exchanging
tough-guy phrases with him I simply told him that I am not
interested in fighting and that he’d have more fun picking on
someone else.

But he REALLY wanted to fight! (I suppose it would make
his balls feel bigger to do so)

So he steps closer and starts yelling profanities right into my
face… and that’s when it happened.

The pro boxer that was with me squeezed himself between
the two of us and shoved the bad-guy down to the floor…

Then he straddled the dude like an MMA fighter, cocked back
his meaty, thick fist and warned the guy that if he didn’t “step
off” there would be hell to pay!

Needless to say… that professional boxer and I became pretty
good friends after that night.

His name is Rob Pilger and he was a student of the world
famous strength coach, Louie Simmons, at the time.

This was about 4 years ago, and since then Rob has taken his
experience as a boxer, combined with what hes learned from
Louie Simmons and several other amazing coaches and now
teaches young boxers how to be as bad-ass as he is!

In fact, Rob has also taken the time to document all of his best
strength and power training methods and put them together in
one of the best e-books I’ve seen in a long time.

What you’ll notice right away is Rob’s “No B.S” communication
and training style. (just like the Rob that stood up for me at the
bar 4 years ago)

I realize that you are probably not a boxer, so this book might
not seem like a good fit for you. But from my review of it, I
know that even if you don’t punch people in the face for a living
the workouts he offers in the book will make you a tougher dude.


Check it out and let me know what you think… your opinion
is valuable to us.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – As soon as you visit this website, you’ll realize that Rob
is not interested in marketing hype and BS.

In fact, he could care less if you buy his book… he is only
interested in sharing his training method with serious athletes
and people looking to get stronger!

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  1. hey Elliott i’m just like you! I hate fighting, mostly because i wouldn’t enjoy seeing the guy so pitiful on the ground after i’m done just like how you’d have smashed him too ahha!!

  2. Cool article. I would’ve avoided the fight up until he stepped up to me probably. After that I may have hit him.
    Anyways, I was commenting because I wanted to ask you a few business questions, if you wouldn’t mind answering them. If you (or someone from strength camp) could email me, that would be great. You can reach me at abelbodiedpt@yahoo.com or going to my website, http://www.abelbodiedpt.com
    Thanks in advance!

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