Best RAP MUSIC for lifting weights

My taste in music is as eclectic as the array of books I

I grew up listening to nothing but rap music. Wu Tang,
Public Enemy and NWA were some of my favorites.

Today, their are only two types of music that play in
my car stereo.

“Country and Western”– The Blues Brothers ;)

But in the gym….

…I still prefer the likes of 50 Cent and DMX.

In fact, the best song to listen to when getting ready
to hit a PR is “If I Can’t Do It” by 50 Cent.

This song gives me so much confidence. Just like he
says in the song… when I hear it, I feel like if I can’t
lift the weight, IT CAN’T BE DONE.

Sometimes I’ll even listen to the song when I about
to do something new that I’ve never done before.

Like last weekend when I decided to offer the first
ever “Yo Elliott LIVE” event in NYC.

I’ve never opened a live event to more than 10 people,
and when I decided to offer Yo Elliott LIVE for 30
people, I was afraid that it wouldn’t sell out.

So I had to listen to some 50 Cent before hitting “send”
on my e mail that offered the event.

Well, here we are less than a week later and the event
is 100% sold out.

Words can not describe how grateful I am for YOU and
how excited I am to meet the 30 people who signed up for
Yo Elliott NYC.

The truth is NOT just “if I can’t do it, it can’t be done”
like Mr. Cent says in his song.

The truth is ALSO, “without YOU, nothing that I do
can really be done”.

Thank you.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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