The REAL Definition Of Sexy!

Yes, Elliott Hulse has a tendency to make some outrageous, bold and arrogant statements at times… yet he also remains subjective about those opinions since he gives himself room to evolve and change his mind over time.


A few hours ago I posted one of my controversial ideas about sexuality in order to spark debate (one of my favorite past-times).

And the debate got HOT.  People even chose to call me names and attack my integrity to offer their counterpoint to my opinion.

The mess is still gathering so you can go and contribute here:

You’ll see that I posted an image of this woman and offered my (strong) opinion about what I thought of her body and what it says about her character.

So, I’m today I am going to offer… no, TELL you exactly what sexiness and sexuality REALLY are.

There is no wiggle room here, what I am stating is FACT.  And like I said, my foot goes down on this one.

Sex and sexuality is one of our most primal instincts.

Sex is the animating force that drives EVERYTHING on Earth… in both nature and technology.

In the largest, most obvious example we see how sex (the energy created though the interaction of opposites) allows the Earth and all living things on it to exist.

The Earth is what we might call “female” since like the human woman it receives life producing cells (seeds) and brings forth life (plants, fruit, animals, people) all of which is “birthed” by the Earth.

The Sun is what we might call “male energy” since it extends itself towards the Earth in the same way that a man and his penis extend himself towards his woman.  As the male sun offers his warmth to the Earth, the Earth is stimulated to produce.  Just like a man and woman in the process of reproduction.

This life-producing interaction of opposites happens between the sun and Earth just as it happens between winter and summer, night and day, fire and water, sleeping and wakefulness, male and female.

WARNING… I am going to reference some religious texts in a moment.  Do not get attached to the religious references and miss the entire point.  If you happen to be religious or not, just take off your funny hat for a moment and listen to what I am offering FREE from your conditioning… okay?

In the poem of Genesis man and woman exist in “The Garden of Eden”.  In this place they experience nothing but blissful ignorance.

Just like a baby doesn’t recognize the duality that exists between his mother (life-giver) and himself… we (humans) did not recognize or conceptualize and duality between us and our provider (god or nature).

Just like a baby we were happily fed, but at the same time ignorant.

Then there is an offer by a snake (snakes represent wisdom in ALL ancient traditions).

The snake says, “Hey, want some wisdom? Then eat some fruit from this tree, it’s called the Tree Of Wisdom!”  “If you eat this fruit, you’ll know what God knows!”

Now, what is it that God knows?

He understands that everything in creation is manifested via the power of DUALITY.  Male and female counterparts.

He also knows that with the power that we might earn via attaining Wisdom that we can create as God has created… BUT we’ll also lose our ignorance.  We will no longer be blissfully ignorant.

If you look at all of our modern technology, namely the computer age, you’ll learn that the entire thing is fabricated via the interaction of ON and OFF switches.  It’s just a series of 0 and 1 digits… hence the DIGITAL AGE.

We have literally taken the wisdom that God has and used it to create as he did! 

Now of course we are still unable to rival God in the creation of nature, although we’re trying, but there is no doubt that we are doing some pretty magical stuff with this power.

You are reading this post or watching videos or talking to a man in China all because we have harnessed the power of duality.

So, what is the point of all of this Elliott, and how does it uphold your definition of sexuality?

First, to make the point that sexuality is EVERYWHERE and it always has been.

Sexuality is so old that it is trapped in our subconscious mind.

Sex is not of “the head-brain”, it is of the “body-brain”.

Specifically, sex is a function of a branch of the autonomic nervous system called “the parasympathetic mechanism”.

All functions of the autonomic nervous system are completely SUBCONSCIOUS.  Meaning that we don’t have to think about it.  They just happen.

The beating of your heart, the digestion of your food, the secretion of hormones are all SUBCONSCIOUS.

Fight or flight reactions are a function of the “sympathetic mechanism”… when you are under stress it helps you survive.

Rest and sex reactions are a function of the “parasympathetic mechanism” I mentioned earlier.  Amongst other things, this branch of the nervous system stimulates sexual feelings and produces the capacity to have sex (erection in the man, engorged vagina in the woman).

Based on evolutionary biological brain studies by hundreds of scientists,  the subconscious brain is our OLD brain.  It is also called our “reptilian brain” and it’s control center is found in the medulla and brain stem which extends DEEP into our bodies (think penis and vagina) and controls out most primordial and powerful means for creation (making more people!).

The cortex and neo-cortex is where our CONSCIOUS brain lives.  This part of the brain is what makes humans unique… you can say that it is the place where that wisdom gained in the Garden of Eden lives.

Now, here is where I’ll come full circle for you guys that have ADD.

Man has become VERY, VERY good at using this head-brain (the neocortex) to manipulate the Earth, manipulate each other and, create technology the brings life and destroys it.

We have become so enthralled with our ability to use this “new brain” that we’ve come to mentally sever ties with our “old brain”… the one that controls sexuality.

Instead of allowing the head-brain to yield to the promptings of the body-brain we FORCE the body to follow the dictates of the head.

A perfect example of this is how in strength training we use “mind over matter” to psych up and lift a heavier weight than our body wants to.

This is good in the short term, but if you continue to dishonor the body-brain by never resting when you feel you need to because you’re a “high achiever” then the body-brain fights back with all type of stuff like high blood pressure and erectile dysfunction.

Our head-brains DO NOT KNOW SEXUALITY.

Our head-brains stop at the medulla.

But, as arrogant as we have become (and via the conditioned standards dictated by a consumer driven economy) we are trying to make SEX a head-brain activity.

The way this is perpetrated is via images of what “someone” has decided to be sexy…. regardless of what the body actually wants.

The woman above is MANUFACTURED sexuality.

My first finger goes to her face.  If you need me to point out how manufactured her lips, etc are then you might need to clean your glasses.

Next, her breasts.  Enough said.

Then her waist.  A SEXUAL woman has strong ties to her reproductive capacity, just like the Earth.  That is the waist of a pre-pubecent / latency stage little-girl… one that has yet to get her period and experience sexual feelings.

Her legs offer no sign of physical stability… she is not even “rooted” to mother Earth, the essence of sexuality.

This woman is created in THE HEAD-BRAIN and is completely detached from the sexuality that our ancestors understood before castrating the body in order to hold the head-brain king.

And Men who find this sexy are literally fucking her with their HEAD-BRAINS!

If a man is so far removed from his own sexuality that he is turned on by a manufactured woman then he is no better off than the poor woman who shut off ties to her sexuality to uphold this neurotic image.

And you know how I know that most men are fucking women with their head-brains and not their body-brains (dick)?

#1. Because they are turned on by pornography, the pinnacle of brain-sex.

#2. Because there are many men who’s brain wants to have sex, but their dicks don’t work.

#3. Because infertility has never been higher.  Sure pollution has a lot to do with it, but that is also an expression of our severed ties with the Earth, which is female essence.

I expect to gain a lot of heat from this post…. but I invite you to stop for a moment, take a deep breath and FEEL what your body is telling you.

Your dick is tied to your OLD-BRAIN and your old-brain is not so stupid as to continue to be manipulated to respond to plastic-pussy without recourse.

And women… I give you permission to be WOMAN in the sense of our old-brain.

This means fertile, fully nourished, ROUND and wet just like our mother Earth.

The End.







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  1. Yo Elliot, not to say your hating on that woman and all. But as I was reading ‘Creative Visualization’, it mentions how your thoughts becomes reality. Think about it, did you not think to become who you are today with some form of thought, whether you felt to do so in an secure or insecure way. I’m just saying. Mind you, I read this post of yours the time you sent it to me. I love your work, keep it up. Just as a client saw me the other day and asked me ‘how much I bench?”, of course our meeting had nothing to do with working out, I see that he see’s me as competition as I see him. But it is all friendly and overall personal. Same perspective for that woman. She’s not my type, but she is competing with my type of woman and other woman. We are all just human at the end of the day.

  2. interesting views Elliot. I definitely agree with most of your points. However, I feel like the Bible reference was a bit forced and off the mark. Sure, the snake is a symbol for wisdom, but the wisdom the snake was providing was the knowledge of good and evil, not duality. That was sin entering the world. God wanted Adam and Eve to create as He did. He said rule the world and subdue it. In other words, harness its powers for your well being. He also told them to be fruitful and multiply, so he must have wanted them to have sex. And, Adam named Eve and recognized her as a woman, so that wasn’t what the apple provided. Sooooo, yea the snake wanted them to gain wisdom about sin. Sexuality isn’t a sin, creating things isn’t a sin, so this Bible reference doesn’t really fit at all. however, your main point is very cool.

  3. After reading this, I’m coming around to your thinking.

    The problem I have is telling women to be ’round’ or ‘curvy’. They take this as a justification for being fat or obese.

    A girl should have a flat stomach (with a thin layer of fat so that she doesn’t have abs and maintains her softness).

  4. Yo Elliot!

    Spot on post man! I agree completely with what you said. I realised this is always how I’ve felt and how my body worked (body brain not head-brain when it comes to sex, but I’m 15 and i do watch pornography. I don’t get turned on by any pornstar, I take time to find a chick I instinctively find attractive (body-brain) and then…do my thing. My question is, if most of porn is fake, where should I turn to for real women (on the internet)?

    Crazy as this question would sound to the average intellect, this community is a renegade community. We don’t think like every other corporate 9-5 worker that’s a direct product of the government and corporations.

  5. “And saying “sex is TRULY the lowest common denominator among humans” is so incredibly naive. In fact, it’s the ONLY thing that every single human has in common. What do you have in common with Amazonian tribes? SEX. What do you have in common with Eskimos? SEX. etc etc etc.”

    I disagree that it is the only thing that every single human has in common. Some may argue that the fact that abstinence exists implies that we don’t even have sex in common — with EVERY human. What we do have in common is culture, which includes but is not limited to: language, technology, art, religion/philosophy, division of labor, food (includes hunting/gathering and/or agriculture), etc. Within these cultures, sex is also looked at and approached in different ways. There is a variation in forms & technique (e.g. Kama Sutra), feelings on the emotional and spiritual significance, etc. Even within the concept of sex, there are many variations within it as a result of cultural differences.

    On top of the aforementioned, there are humans that abstain from sex (or block it’s biological imperative with birth control), as a result of culture (certain religious beliefs, feelings on minimizing the growth of world population by not having children, etc.) — which are all aspects of culture. I would say that since the act of sex is negated in some of these beliefs, culture is the only unifying concept that reaches EVERY human. It didn’t used to be this way. Prior to culture and civilization, the biological imperative (spreading genes and thus reproducing) was the main objective. With the changes in human development from the time of Sumer (heart of civilization) and even earlier, the biological imperative became subservient to “memes”. That is, now that we have people using birth control, abstaining for various reasons, getting “fixed” from having children, abortion, etc., our “memes” have actually become dominant over our genes (which I think is part of what’s being addressed in this post of Elliott’s)– which appears to be very unique in nature (this appears to be limited to humans or at the most other “social organisms”). This will more than likely have drastic effects on decreasing our population over time (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing anyways when it comes to restoring a sustainable equilibrium with nature) — but it could also lead us more quickly towards extinction. It’s the trade-off I guess for having the “human experience”. Our “memes” could also be nature’s way of restoring that sustainable environmental equilibrium (have us willingly decrease our population and impact on the environment RATHER than us depleting our food sources and becoming extinct). Just my two cents.

    We mustn’t forget that EVERYTHING is natural — that is, everything is a result of nature. We are a result of nature and anything that results from us is thus a result of nature. To say that something is or isn’t natural is to grade something based on an arbitrary metric of describing some difference or change. However, that’s what nature does — changes over time (it’s been doing that from the start if there was one). Our involvement on Earth and anything we think or do is no different and no less natural than anything else. The key thing is what we value most — that is, we as humans with self-awareness feel that we have a responsibility to be good stewards of our planet (and ourselves) and spread seemingly altruistic ideals (like unconditional love, the golden rule, etc.). It is here that I find we most differ from the rest of nature — yet still remain completely in it’s bounds.

    -Peace and Love

  6. This is the first time I’ve read anything of yours but, as a woman, I really appreciated it. I appreciated the female comparison to the earth and the male to the sun. I liked the honesty, while somewhat brutal, and I hope that if this girl sees your post, maybe it will make her realize that she is likely a beautiful person and doesn’t NEED to do what she’s doing to be happy. I feel like it’s about being happy and healthy FOR YOU and, in turn, that will attract the right person to you. Thanks for a great read and insight. :)

  7. Great thoughts, Elliot. I think you’re spot on with a lot of what you’ve mentioned and I agree whole-heartedly that we need to connect more to that primal or ‘old brain’ psyche. Personally I can FEEL what social standards, social media, pornography and materialistic marketing agenda has done to me. But when I find a woman I connect with on a deeper, more primal feeling I know it is that ‘old brain’ pushing me towards her. Luckily for me most of the time I choose to follow these deeper feelings, when I’m sure it is more difficult for some. That being said, I am still working towards being much more in-sync and and in-touch with that more instinctual brain.

    One note in reference to the Digital Age: I think social media is having an enormous impact on young people in the present, but especially in regards to what is deemed ‘sexy’ and the way the ‘head-brain’ is sculptured. A lot of what is streamed and posted is ‘manufactured’ for acknowledgment or attention.

    This is why I love your youtube videos and now your blog (should have come here a long time ago).

    Thanks for the insight! Love your work mate, keep it up. Glad to see some like-minded individuals but also differing opinions!

  8. There’s nothing about here that says long term gal. She’s got some assets that my head can allow me to get turned on by. But she’s got nothing for me to stay turned on for the long term (my subconscious).

  9. I would agree with the comments. I do think that confidence it sexy. I would rather have sex with a confident person who has a less than perfect body than person with a perfect body and no confidenc

  10. I don’t know if there is one definitive definition of ‘sexy’. I would be disappointed if there where. I know what attracts me as a man to a woman. Part of her is her body but that is frequently not the best part of her. Who I want to get close to may not be what another man wants to get close to. God bless the infinite diversity of creation. I do not wish to reduce my mothers, and sisters to thier reproductive parts (frankly my mom would kill me if I did. However I respond to what my eyes see just like most men do. It is the spirit that speaks that will keep me close (or closinig in :)) Peace all. Great post.

  11. thank you!
    i knew something wasnt wrong with me, cause she doesnt turn me on at all.
    Your my hope man!
    keep up the posts
    I learned so much from you.

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