The REAL Gym Class Hero (a girl)

When I was in elementary school the only class that I loved
was GYM! (and lunchtime)

Back then that’s what we called it… Gym.

Not “P.E” like theycall it today.

Elliott Hulse was THE Gym Class Hero!

I could do more push ups, run faster, and jump higher than
every other kid in gym.

But there was one event that I would get my ass kicked in.

Not only would I get my ass kicked… She would totally
destroy me.

Yep, I said SHE.

A girl with three “pig tails” named Phelicia would
embarrass me in front of the entire class every time we

I couldn’t understand why I was the Gym Class hero in
almost every other event…. except chin ups. Nor, could
I understand why a GIRL was the one that would beat me.

Well, 27 years later I realize that Phelicia had far better
“relative body strength” than me. Basically her strength
in relation to her bodyweight was better than my ratio of
strength to bodyweight.

She was a strong girl for sure… but she has far less
bodyweight to lift.

This is why I tell my athletes that if they want to get faster
and more explosive for jumping, etc. They had better keep
their relative body strength in check.

DO NOT become so heavy that you can’t lift or move your
body in an efficient manner.

One of the best ways to gauge your weight to strength ratio
is with chin ups.

Always be doing chin ups! (and other gymnastic moves of
the sort).

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. Good stuff as usual E! I remember the same thing..I was taller than everyone, which automatically meant stronger at that age, but never could beat everyone on the chin-ups.

    Chin-ups/Pull-ups are awesome for gauging overall strength. I generally have everyone doing them (or inverted rows) as a part of their daily warm-up at my gym!

  2. This has become a big aspect of my training along with some of the people I coach today. If you have the equipment available (stretch bands etc.) to train yourself into being able to do a chin up USE IT! Chin ups are a great way to test overall strength and body control! Great post!

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