REAL MAN Calisthenics

If you can’t tell, I’m a fvcking masochist.

Back in the day, it was pretty plain to see…

I ran almost every part of my rapidly growing business, performed the duties of being a father of four children, took the time to show love and affection towards my wife…

And I attacked the weights with an unmatched tenacity.

You can tell from my old training videos on YouTube that I was always relentless in my training efforts.

I ran my body through brutal workouts that consisted of heavy powerlifting and strongman movements,

I performed every rep with the highest intensity and laser-focused effort,

And I pushed my body to the absolute limit (sometimes too far).

Despite all of that, when it came time to go on our family camping trips I would leave all of my masochistic training behind and take a different approach.

And it definitely benefited me in the long run.

What was it?

I engage in bodyweight training… sound boring?

I’m not talking about your typical push-ups, pull-ups, and dips.

I’m talking about REAL MAN calisthenics…

Front and back-levers, L-sits, and handstands, stuff that nobody would expect me to do just because I lift heavy shit in the gym.

The truth is, these isometric movements really improved my core strength and provided a new and challenging stimulus to my body.

Not only that, but they gave my body a break from the beating that it received in the gym.

And even though I’d only work on these movements for a week at a time, they directly benefited my training as a whole.

In fact, I looked forward to the family camping trips even more once I started incorporating these badass movements.

So what can you do with this?

Well, instead of taking a traditional deload week, take a week to work on these movements

It’ll keep things fresh, it’ll give your body a break, and it’ll keep yourself and your nervous system guessing.

Grow Stronger,