The ONLY reason to grow stronger (important mission)

We all start out looking to build strength for selfish

I began lifting weights when I was 14 years old
because I wanted to earn a spot on the varsity
football team.

A lot of my friends began working out to look good
with their shirts off, so as to attract chicks at the beach.

Whatever your reason for starting on this journey, you
quickly realize that there are 101 other benefits to

There is one though, that is often overlooked…

When we “grow stronger” in any realm of our lives, not
only do we reap the benefit of personal development, but
our mere presence INSPIRES OTHERS to grow stronger

When you are a stronger version of yourself, you also give
other people permission to do the same thing.


Other guys see you and say to themselves, “Hey, if that guy
can do it… then perhaps I can too!”

Although this happens whether we try to make it happen, or
not… there is something that we can do to actively advance
the work of this “strength virus”.

In fact, it is exactly what I do EVERY SINGLE DAY… and
I earn a living in the process.

“Become The Strongest Version Of Yourself, And Inspire Others.”
— is not only my famous quote, it is my life’s mission.

This is my purpose in life.

We are all going to die. Like it or not, all of the efforts of your
life will someday vanish… everything, except the OTHER lives
you’ve touched and impacted in a positive way.

To share your strength, and inspire others – is to become

You will die, but the spirit of your strength will live on. This
is what you might call “your legacy.”

When you watch my videos on YouTube, when you follow me
on Facebook, when you read my newsletter and when you invest
in my books and video courses… you are absorbing a little bit of
my strength.

A little piece of my strength will live on in you, even when I die.

But what are YOU going to do with this new strength?

How many people are YOU going to impact in a positive way,
so that your strength lives on in others, and so they share that
strength with even more people?

What about your job?

You might spend 12 hours a day at a job in order to earn a living.

But how is your job related to your ability to sharing your
strength with others?

Sure, your job might be helpful, and may even bring joy to
people… but is it really a manifestation of YOUR unique
strengths, gifts and passions?

You probably already know that I earn a living by offering my
books, courses and recommended resources for growing
stronger in this newsletter.

Yes, I put food on my table with the money I earn when you
invest in my offers.

BUT, what is even more powerful and meaningful to me is that
I am helping to build the strength of thousands of people every
single day of my life.

When I die and my money has been squandered… something
greater will continue to live on – A legacy of STRENGTH that
I have worked so hard to create.

I have spent tens of thousands of dollars over the past 7 years
to learn the crafts of website development, product creation,
writing, speaking and inspiring because I knew that this was
my life’s calling.

I am proud of the work I do, and I am proud of all the people
who grow stronger through my words… but what makes me
even more proud, is seeing those who I’ve inspired to
grow stronger – INSPIRE OTHERS!

Today I would like to share a project I have been working on
for a few months, I call it The Campaign For Non-Jobs.

It is my way of “giving back” and accelerating my mission by
teaching YOU how to earn a living by inspiring others and
spreading the strength… just like you see me doing.

I have been teaching people how to create “non-jobs” for a few
years now, but it is only today that I have chosen to open this
up for anyone to join.

Of course, this is not for everyone and that is why I have reserved
these ideas for a YouTube channel and private Facebook Group
that you can learn more about when you join here.

This message is also an invitation to join me in a Non-Job
workshop later this year where you can learn more about exactly
how to earn a living by inspiring others.

Details are at the link below:

Perhaps I’ll meet you there :)

Grow Stronger and Inspire Others,
Elliott Hulse

PS – I don’t intent on speaking much about this mission through
the newsletter you are currently reading. So if you’re interesting
in the idea of a Non-Job… please subscribe at the link below.