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One of the questions I am asked most often is…

“Elliott, where the heck do you come up with such
interesting ideas about health and strength?”

Well, the simple truth is that I am addicted to learning
and I LOVE new ideas.

My appetite for knowledge is insatiable!

Whenever I find a new vein of study I go on an
amazon. com buying spree and gather all of the
resources I can find on the topic.

Then I turn to my wife, give a evil laugh and say…

“I want to know EVERYTHING!”

But alas, to know everything is impossible.

So I just stick with learning as much as I can in each
of the 4 Layers Of Strength.

Anyway… after yesterday’s e mail I got a ton of requests
for reading material related to the topic I of what I call
“psychosomatic strength”.

Although I recommend EVERYTHING written by Dr.
Alexander Lowen on this topic.

One of my favorite books, and a great place to start, is
Fear Of Life: A Therapy For Living by Lowen

I am using a combination of the works produced by
Lowen, Wilhelm Reich, and my mentor Robert Glazer
to create the 3rd STRENGTHOLOGY Level.

This is some really advanced stuff that only a few people
might appreciate.

If you’re one of that 5%, then you’ll want to make sure
you’re up-to-date with the first STRENGTHOLOGY
Certification Workshop.


I just created a new “Super Simple” payment plan for all
students looking to join us for the next workshop in June.

The link you need is below:

Okay, I think that is more than enough information for

I love sharing with you :)

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – This payment plan is only available until next
Friday, so you might want to jump on it soon!

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