Renegade Diet Sample (what I do)

Truth be told…

I hate diets, dieting, meal plans, etc.

For me, eating food is one of the greatest pleasures of life.
It ranks right up there with sex and strength training ;)

So if I’m gonna follow a plan it had better be SIMPLE.

Yesterday I told you that I’ll be cutting about 10 pounds of
fat over the next few weeks.

Here is the basic template that I’ll be following…

I took the image above straight out of Jason Ferruggia’s
Renegade Diet book.

Of course I chose the plan that works for me… since I’ll be
training in the morning and am looking to lose fat, the sample
above is a good fit.

But there are about six different plans in the book that you
can choose from.

If you train in the afternoon… there’s a plan (on page 99)

If you need to build mass… there’s a plan (on page 81)

If your metabolism is “broken” and no matter what you do you
can’t seem to lose fat… there’s even a plan for you (on page 77)

Real simple… just the way I like it.

Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – I have 100% confidence that the Renegade Diet will work…

Why? Because it is very similar to the LHM Reloaded meal plan
that I used to drop over 50 pounds back in 2010.

I’ll be talking more about the training method I am using with this
diet in a few weeks. Right now I am busy tweaking and testing it
to make sure it works well before telling all about it ;)







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