80% Off RETIREMENT Sale (yes, I’m retiring…)

As you may know, last weekend I held the three day
STRENGTHOLOGY Layer One Certification at my

We’ve renamed Layer One, “Neuromuscular Strength”.

I’m now calling it Neuromuscular Strength, as opposed
to just Physical Strength, because the new course goes
far deeper and contains more information.

In the past I have failed to share just how important the
nervous system was in the development of strength with

I have also failed to teach you one of the most vital
physiological imbalances causing MUSCLE VIRUSES.

So as STRENGTHOLOGY evolves, I have to update
and retire old and incomplete ideas.

That is why I am holding a retirement sale for my popular
Muscle Virus Solution study course.


The Muscle Virus Solution is a great program that has
helped a lot of people destroy muscular imbalance and gain

But it can be better. And that is the honest reason why I am
retiring it.


If you choose to invest in The Muscle Virus Solution you
will get the free upgrade when it is released under a new banner
in a few months.

When I re-release it, it will go back to it’s original price of
$97. But not for you… you’ll get it for free.

ALSO… I have just added a series of brand new videos to the
product featuring a segment from our workshop last weekend.

It is probably THE most important part of the workshop since
it deals with the hidden physiological imbalance that most
people will never know about.

Some people think that I am crazy for offering this at such a
low price (and they’re probably right).

But I think that YOU need to know this information so that
you can become a stronger version of yourself!

That is my mission.

So please take advantage of this incredible opportunity by
investing in yourself today.


Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. If I buy at the sale price, will I still get the new update? I want to learn more about this because I believe you are speaking the truth. I know that I have muscular imbalances, my upper body is kaiphotic and my toes point out at an almost 45 degree angle when I walk. I just don’t have a bunch of money to spend, so I don’t want to have to buy the old and the new when I can just wait for the new. I am down from 318 .lbs to 270 .lbs only doing Strongs 5×5 MWF and 3 sets of 12 box jumps on Sundays. An old army buddy turned me on to your videos and I am tired of being fat and I am tired of having muscular imbalances. Thank you for what you do!

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