The Rich Muscle Jerk

When I was a kid my mom would often make statements
that began with…

“If I won the lottery, I would _________.”

As an adult I don’t rely on “the luck of the draw” to get what
I want in life.

If there is something I want… I go and get it!

This process begins with being clear on exactly what I want
and how it is going to look when I get it.

For example….

When I am as rich as I want to be, I will spend most of
my money on these three things…




Unlike most people who like to buy stuff.

I am most interested in buying more intelligence, having more
life changing experiences and…

…investing in the very building blocks of my body.

High quality, nourishing foods that are prepared for me daily by
my own personal professional cook.

And I’d give him this cookbook to work straight from.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – Dave’s Anabolic Cookbook featuring over 200 muscle
building recipes is on sale this week.

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