…who rose from The Dead?

Regardless of your religious or philosophical convictions…

The idea of RESURRECTION is key to understanding the
natural dynamics of life on Earth, as well as human nature.

For example, it’s interesting that our ancestors have celebrating
this season of re-birth (spring), shortly after a season of death
(winter), for thousands of years.

The same dynamics apply to building strength or muscle.

First, you participate in a period of “death” by breaking down
you muscle tissue (we call this catabolic).

Then, you follow it up with a period of “life” by allowing the
tissue to heal and grow stronger (we call this anabolic).

Each one of us, as well as EVERY living thing on Earth, moves
through cycles of Life and Death.

We are constantly being “born again” or experiencing some
form of “resurrection”.

This is one of the most fundamental principles of life!
(regardless of what you think or believe about The Easter story)

In celebration of this RESURRECTION idea, I wanted to share
the following feedback I received from one of our newest
Strengthology Coaches.

In a way… Kevin is describing a type of resurrection that he experienced
as a product of participating in our last STRENGTHOLOGY
Coach Workshop

I’m super proud of Kevin and all of the work he has committed to
the our vision of Strength!

And I am also excited to meet YOU and work with YOU at our next
workshop in June.

It might just be the fresh “rebirth” that your body or business is in
need of :)

You can register here:

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – I created a new payment plan to make is super easy for you to
join today, and pay later.

But this offer is close on next Friday.

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