Secret To HUGE Quads & Calves

When most people see me for the first time, they
are usually shocked at how massive my legs are.

It’s almost weird how huge my quads and calves

I’ve got to admit that much of it is genetics.

But there is something else that I do that most
other strength trainers avoid.


A lot.

The prime movers for the jump pattern are your
quads, glutes and calves.

They create what is called “triple extension”.

Adding Jump Training to any routine will not only
add size and power to your leg muscles… it will also
increase your athleticism.

Honestly, what good is having muscle… if you can’t
use it, right?

If you’d like to train like me, and add athletic jump
training to your workouts… then try this.

No matter how much muscle and strength you have,
if you can’t sprint and jump like a pro… you’re what
they call — ALL SHOW / NO GO!

You deserve better than that, right? :)

Build some GO muscles…

Start here:

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – I’ve been getting questions about the kind of
equipment you’ll need to use this program.

The fact is that it can be done in even the most sissy
gyms around (planet fitness lol)

There are substitutes for everything that you might
not have access to.

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