The Secret To Training Harder

Yesterday I shared a video with you featuring me and my
mass monster buddy Chandler Marchman.

The top question I got from viewer is, “Elliott, how do you
guys train SO hard!?”

First, I am assume that you are asking me how we crushed
that 5 Minute Hybrid Finisher without puking or crying.

Here is my best tip for pushing through brutal workouts
that get you learner and stronger….

“Shut Off Your Brain!”

When I commit to anything; a workout, a business project
or even to hop into a freezing cold lake… I use the following
steps (and you should too).

1. Do all the “thinking” FIRST. Get it all out of your system.
Any reservations or negative self talk about how hard the thing
is, or if you might injure yourself, etc… need to get out first!

You can not go into the set or activity with these negative
thoughts infecting your energy. That is a sure-fire way to fail!

2. Commit… then forget it. Once you say YES, I am going to
do it, then all of the thinking is done. In fact, in your mind it
is just like the activity has already been completed, you just
need your body to catch up.

Get it?

3. Do the damn thing.

Emerson once said, “Do the thing and have the power.”

That is how I live my life and train… and so should you.

Shut off your brain, and just fu*king train!

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. hey Elliott
    Just discovered your informative and entertaining videos and websites. Just awesome advice! I at the age of 49 have discovered strongman training! Here in NYC I train at Global Strongman Gym.
    Thanks for the inspiration, and when you visit New York come on in and train with us!

  2. Yo Elliott, I’ve been a fan for a while now. I didn’t feel like training today even though I knew I should and was looking through the old posts again when I came across this one.
    I shut my brain off and went and kicked some ass. Now I have power I wouldn’t have otherwise had. Thanks again!
    PS-Your products are awesome! I love Lean Hybrid Muscle Reloaded and Anabolic Energizers!

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