The New “Selfie Strength” Movement

It’s clear that we live in the most me-centric time and culture ever recorded.

Today everyone is their own “celebrity”.

Every time you take a selfie, your celebrating your self.

Every social media post…

Every glance in the mirror…

Every mention of your accomplishments, your new toy or what you ate today… is a celebration of YOU.

I totally get it. This is where the pendulum has swung, and it’s totally okay in my mind.

Pendulums go from one extreme to another, so its normal and natural for us to celebrate ourselves after so many generations of self-sacrifice.

But if you look closely we are quickly approaching the far end of narcissism.  Take it in, enjoy it.  But  understand, the pendulum is about to move in the opposite direction.

Even though the pendulum is retracing it’s steps, things are NOT going to go back to what they were 100 years ago – those days are gone.

The pendulum itself has evolved.

The polarities are new.

What we are going to see in the coming age, in the new era, is a upsurge of EMPOWERMENT.

The opposite of our Selfie Culture will be the Empowerment Culture.

In the Empowerment Culture humans will cease to selfishly seek domination over the earth and our fellow beings.

In the Empowerment Culture each man and woman will earn a living, not through exploitation, but through heart-centered service.

We are on our way right now.  And I’m grateful for those who are paving the way by teaching others how to use their self empowerment (skills, passions, crafts) to empower others.

One such leader is my friend Brain Rose.  Today I invite you to watch a video class he’s created for you all about turning your passion into an empowering business (what NonJobs was all about).

Bless up,