should’ve kicked THIS guys ass

Yo, for the past three weeks my old buddy and former
night club bouncer Teiko (we call him TKO) has been
working, training and causing trouble at my gym.

First, this dude is about 6’1, 280 pounds and eats like
an African Elephant… well, he was born in Ghana, so
that might explain why.

Anyway, yesterday while we were training Teiko
decided to tell us some of his old war-stories about
beating up loud-mouth punks back in his bouncer

I was impressed, until…

A flashback of me getting “bounced” by some 360 lbs.
ogre at the door of a trendy nightclub called South
Beach, when I was a freshman in college, came to mind.


First, I’m a lover… not a fighter.

So when I stepped up to the front door, with my
girlfriend in one hand and my photo ID in the other, the
bouncer let my girl in and put his big meaty hand on my
chest… DENYING my entrance.

Like I said… I’m a lover, so instead of kicking this guys
butt in front of his five giant friends, I stepped away ;)

Apparently they just didn’t like my shirt… and now that
I think about it, my shiny disco shirt WAS kinda corny.

Honestly, I have no hard feelings towards giant muscle
bound dudes who force smaller dudes to cower at their
feet… really… I… don’t.

Besides I wouldn’t be such good friends with TKO if I
still held hard feelings.

TKO even told me that he and his bouncer buddies used
to train for size and strength, just like we do at my gym.

In fact, here is the exact workout that they used to follow
in order to build such monster-like muscle mass.

I don’t think this kind of program is going to be appealing
to most “pretty boy” types… but if your only goal is to
grow MASSIVE and INTIMIDATING, then you might
like this.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – TKO has been keeping a journal about his time
spent with me at Strength Camp. You can read it here.

Later this week he is uploading an interview he did
with my wife… weird, I know. But even I can’t wait to
hear what they spoke about!

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