…so I showed her my BUTT

A few years ago I took a creative writing class with a
woman named Stephanie.

One of the Stephanie’s first rules about creative writing
was to “show your butt”.

Basically, she meant that you shouldn’t hold anything
back… totally expose yourself.

And that’s what I did (and STILL do to this day).

I show YOU my “butt” in this newsletter, in my videos
and in the books that I write for you.

I doubt there are many other fitness experts online that
are as candid and generous as I am with their

When I wrote my first “personal development” book
The Manifesto Of Strength, my main purpose was to
show you exactly what makes me… me.

From my childhood to my experiences with sports,
religion and failure.

I took this book off the market a few months ago since
some of the ideas in it may be TOO revealing.

But to this day I still get e mails and messages from people
who have told me how my book has changed their lives.

It’s THAT powerful!

And that is why I have chosen to re-release it for the next
48 hours only.

You can get The Manifesto Of Strength, as well as 5 of
my other out-of-print e books in my 33rd Birthday Package.


This package and the books in it will probably NEVER be
available again… especially at such a crazy low price.

It’s my way of thanking you for reading my newsletter and
helping me celebrate my birthday.

Enjoy :)


Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse