Is this sh*t stealing your gains?

Have you ever gone a day without pooping?


Painful and uncomfortable, right?

How about 2 days or even 3?

I can’t even imagine what that feels like since I
have been extremely regular for several years
now, but it wasn’t always thatway.

I remember the days when was I backed up like
5 o’clock rush hour.

Not fun.

What I later realized is that constipation is the
same as not being able to take out the trash.

Just imagine all the toxins and other nasties
that could grow out of control if you never took
out the garbage from your house.

Being constipated irritates your gut lining
(increasing your risk of colon cancer), increases
your likelihood of acne, weight gain, digestive
problems, candida, parasites, and feeling
lethargic all-day long.

Oh…and it doesn’t allow your body to get rid
of estrogen (yes, the female hormone), which
overtime robs your manhood by depressing
testosterone levels.

And these problems affected me too.

Thankfully, every single one of these issues
alleviated itself with the right foods – not some
quick fix pill.

But it didn’t happen overnight. Today I’m here to
help you finally get your sh*t straight ;)

As embarrassing a topic as this may be, it’s
perhaps the MOST important for improving your
health and helping you lose weight for good.

This is a very serious topic considering that
colon cancer is the second leading cause of death
from cancer in the United States. A colon that is
not releasing toxic fecal matter every single day
is a colon that is extremely susceptible to

The topic of poop many times prompts people to
assume they need a colon cleanse in order to get
their bodies to a healthy place.

Although this may be true, some of these extreme
cleanses can do more harm than good.

I would argue that for most people who have been
eating unhealthy processed foods and sugar for a
long time, some of these cleanses are just too

harsh and can lead many people to feel extremely
sick from the release of too many toxins into
their system at once.

Furthermore, such “detox kits” do nothing to
improve your dietary habits, which is the key to
quick and lasting change.

You probably know people that followed a radical
detox for a few days, lost some weight, and then
reverted back to their unhealthy eating habits
that caused the problems in the first place.

I sure do, and I recommend that they do this instead.

Here are a few quick “cleansing” tips from my friend
and holistic nutritionist, Yuri Elkaim…

Follow a whole foods diet without grains and
dairy – both are clogging and mucus-producing
foods that are also highly sensitive foods for
many people.

You will also want to be sure you are drinking
the recommended amount of water each day.
If your colon is dehydrated it will not move and
fecal matter will remain stuck along the inner lining
of your colon.

Water is critical for relieving constipation.

Third, adding more omega-3s (like fish oil) into
your diet will be very helpful since they are not
only anti-inflammatory (great for preventing
damage inside the body) but the lubrication they
provide is also necessary for assisting in moving
the stool out of your colon.

If you’re looking for a way to get regular, lose
weight, and feel great – through food – there is
really only ONE food-based program I feel
confident recommending in this department:

>> The Total Wellness Cleanse


You will see that the foods Yuri recommends are
directly in line with the foods I would recommend.

The only difference is Yuri has you stay away from
animal proteins for the 14 days during the cleanse.

This is not how you will eat for life, but for
those people who have stubborn fecal matter
lodged in the walls of their intestines, it may
be a good idea to give your body “easy” foods to
digest to get the bowels moving.

I am a very big fan of natural sources of protein
for all its nutritional benefits and its ability
to keep blood sugar balanced, but not having it
for a short 2 week period will help get the
digestive tract in motion to release any lodged
toxic matter.

The Total Wellness CleanseFoods to get your
bowels moving the right way.

If you’re not “pooping” at the very minimum 1-2
times every single day, please take my advice
above very seriously.

This is not just for your fat loss efforts, but for
the sake of your health.

Get your bowels moving consistently each
day and this will make a tremendous difference in
your fat loss efforts and your health.

Elliott Hulse

PS. Oh, by the way, one of the benefits of doing
a natural, food-based cleanse like the Total
Wellness Cleanse is that since it helps move
“stuck” food out of your digestive tract you
might also notice that lower ab pooch (that many
of us have) will go away within a few days.

Not only will this cleanse allow your body to
rejuvenate itself, helping you feel more
energetic and looking healthier than ever, it
will also get you closer that flat stomach.

It’s a win-win if you ask me.

That’s why I’m recommend you check it out.

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