SICK upper body workout (try this)

If you’ve been following me on YouTube you’ve probably
noticed that I’m getting a lot leaner and my muscles are
looking kinda… shapely :)

Yea, the fact is that I’ve been experimenting with some
different bodybuilding routines here at Strength Camp Gym.

Now I did NOT say that I’ll be switching from strength
sports over to bodybuilding competitions…

..I just want to see what I’d look like if I focused on getting

It’s been almost 8 years since I’ve seen my FULL set of
six pack abs…. and I think they’re getting a little lonely
under this layer of fat.

Anyway… we’ve been busting up some “get swole”
upper body workouts with my Strength Camp Members.

So I figured that I’d share one with you to try for fun.

As you can see… this is one of those hypertrophy workouts
that will make you chest feel like it is going to BURST!

If you try this workout and like it, then you might be interested
in giving my Strength Camp Workouts website a try.


Everyday when the head coach at my gym writes the workout
on the whiteboard…

…it will be immediately uploaded to the website for you to see
it and do it at your own gym.

It’s just like being here to train with us… kinda.

WARNING… this is not a membership for everybody.

There are few rules that you’ll need to understand first, before
you decided to join us… or not.

All the details are below:

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. HAVE you been looking shapely, sir?


    I KNEW you were doing some high volume stuff. Honestly, I’m glad to hear it, because I’ve been working my arms and calves, which isn’t normally my thing, and I was stating to feel a little extra…”BRO-y”. Whatever.

    It’s math. Start at 0. Girl is gorgeous (+3) – I have thin arms (-3) + I’m conscientious in bed (+2) I spend 12 weeks doing light / constant/ work on arms (+1) my girl (who already loved me)is happy (+7) = 10

    Just glad to not longer feel guilty at 6am. :)

  2. When i first started out with bodybuilding, i really had a hard time get my v-taper and getting back details going .. then i stumbled across something, HIGH VOLUME .. it was from some article in MD magazine, on how to really getting a great v .. the program was basically 10 sets of 10 reps pull-downs and i though, man i wanna try that, and the pump was AWESOME! i’ve never been so connected with my lats before my 6-7 set, and i was still repping the shit out of those lats, and sure enough, got a really nice V in what you would define as short time .. im not saying it’s a short cut in any way, i’m just saying it worked for me, and i believe that it also helped me build up a pathern so i got able to do a lat spread pose ( i know alot of good builded guys who can’t )

  3. Looks like a good workout, but the volume is not that high, at least for the chest, you could throw in a high rep finisher in there and do more sets on the db presses.. i cant really understand the back, 8x12x3 ?
    Keep us posted on the results ;)

  4. Think he might have meant 8-12… not sure! But then it would seem like not much, so I’m not sure but indeed 8×12 3 times seems a bit much, and long!

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