Single Digit Bodyfat % (four things that work for me)

If you’ve been following me on YouTube you’ve
noticed that I’ve taken a spin towards bodybuilding

Right now most of my efforts are going towards
cutting body fat and getting more ripped.

Building muscle and strength has always come pretty
easy for me… but dropping the body fat below 10%
has proven to be a sicking point for me.

Until now.

For years I have been an athlete involved in strength
and performance training. So most of the things I did
geared towards lifting heavier, running faster and
jumping higher.

As I’ve come to experience, the type of training that
helps you become more athletic is not always the
best for getting lean a ripped.

For example I have always been totally against slow,
high volume, low intensity cardio.

As an athlete, this type of cardio would wreak havoc
on explosiveness… but as a bodybuilder this type of
training is essential for fat loss.

And this is just the beginning.

I have been doing a lot of things as a bodybuilder
that I would have never considered as an athlete.

And if you’ve seen my most recent pictures or videos
you’ll see that I am doing is working… FAST!

So today I’ve decided to list a few of the new things
that I am doing to move towards my goal of single
digit body fat %.

1. Low Intensity Cardio. – I’ve been walking for
about an hour every day, first thing in the morning,
on an empty stomach.

I have also added about 20 minutes on the stationary
bike after weight training.

2. Strategic HIIT – I got this idea of doing what my
friend Rusty Moore calls “Strategic Cardio” in his
book Visual Impact Cardio.

The idea here is that we are to perform only a small
dose of HIIT (sprint intervals) a few times a week
followed by the low intensity cardio.

As Rusty explains in his book, HIIT is great for
releasing the fat deposits but low intensity is better
at actually burning the fat.

He does a better job of explaining it in the book than
me, but all I can tell you is that it is WORKING!

3. Still Lifting HEAVY! – Yep… I haven’t changed
my weight training very much at all. I still follow the
parameters for lifting heavy and getting strong that I
layed out in The Grow Stronger Method.

The only difference is that now I am using a drop set
at the end of my final exercises. So, if I do 5 x 2…

…then at the end of the fifth set of two I will drop the
weights by 20% and do a set to failure and then repeat
that once more.

I’ve also been reading a few of Mike Mentzer’s old
bodybuilding books on Heavy Duty training. I like
his advanced methods (rest pause, heavy negatives, etc)
and will probably experiment with them next week.

4. Counting Calories – *sigh* Yes, I have finally given
in to the fact that calories must be accounted for.

Regardless of what I or anyone has ever said about
calorie counting… it works.

In fact I am steadily lowering them every week.

Right now I am at about 1600 calories per day. The
marcos vary based on how I feel or what I’ve trained,
but I’ve found that as long as I don’t exceed the calories
I’m pretty safe.

If you hate the idea of calorie counting as much as I
have, you might find this app for your iPhone or
computer very helpful for keeping track.

Give me another few months before I reveal my first
six pack since 2003.

Once I’m looking super sharp (not almost sharp), I’ll
make a transformation video for you outlining all the
best methods I’ve experienced.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Hey man, glad to see you experimenting other things and expanding your knowledge on other areas. Just a suggestion / question, IF looks like its great for the type of goals your aiming for, why not give it a try after this ? transformation 1, transformation 2 – super saiyan 2 ;)

  2. Hi Elliott,

    thank you for this great list. I have only one qustion: Does “Right now I am at about 1600 calories per day.” mean 1600 in total – or do you add callories for workouts, cario etc. and 1600 is your basal metabolic rate?

    All the best form Germany & thanks for your great work, posts and videos.


  3. Post

    I guess since I’ve been using IF since 2009, I just forgot to mention it.

    Yep, I still do 24 hour fasts usually on monday and friday.

  4. Post

    I’m shooting for between 1500 and 1900 every day and it has been averaging about 1600.

    I got this by multiplying 190 (my target weight) by 10 calories.

    I also fast 2 x per week. And “cheat” saturdays.

  5. Yo Elliott,
    Will we see you on stage someday? I know you like to compete, and what you’ll learn doing a show will add more to your growing first hand knowledge. I followed Mentzer’s training for a good 2 years with a buddy of mine shortly after high school. I liked his philosophies on training. Keep Rockin’

  6. ah right, my bad. come to think of it, im sure i remember you mentioning it recently in a video.. cheers for the reply. keep it up !

  7. Isnt that dropping the calories too low for you ? i tend to prefer not dropping so much but upping the cardio, so that the metabolism doesnt drop so much and the muscles sticks..
    Keep us posted on the results..

  8. With the “cheat” day on the weekend, metabolism shouldn’t drop. Takes 7-8 days in a row of low calories for metabolism to start dropping really.

  9. Awesome stuff Elliott,

    Since rupturing my achilles tendon 3 months ago, I have been forced to do more bodybuilding style workouts. As I couldn’t really do anything from standing, so “had” to get more volume into my workouts somehow. My body has changed a great deal in this time and I have realised, as you have, that I was missing this element…

    Thanks for continuing to be honest in what you share.

  10. Yo Elliott! Had a theory that I will turn into a ?. What happens 2 our hormones from the over stimulation of our sympathetic system due 2 the standard American diet, does it get. Stored along with our excess fat? & if so is that why beginners w/ considerable amount of fat make quicker gains? Thanks in advance, PEACE!

  11. Yo Elliott, i want to know what i can do to reduce and remove love handles.. i read that you can reduce your body fat percentage over your whole body and you can’t focus on removing it in a certain area to remove fat in a specific place (like your love handles or belly etc).

  12. Yo Elliot! I was wondering if you could do a video regarding Nautilus training and the Arthur Jones mentality towards exercise. I have been chatting with a friend who owns a gym full of nautilus machines. He claims his weight, his strength and his overall physique increased exponentially using these machines. I am intrigued by this style of training but am unsure of its validity. Some input would be great!


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