Sledge Hammer swings – Ab Exercise

Main Muscle Worked: Torso
Other Muscles Worked: Fullbody
Equipment: SledgeHammer
Mechanics Type: Compound

The sledgehammer has been a conditioning tool amongst fighters since the inception of combat sports. It is certainly not a new tool in the arsenal of combat athletes. It is however an inexpensive and excellent conditioning device. Unfortunately, the reemergence of sledgehammer training in the modern era has caused some confusion regarding this simple, yet effective training tool. This article will clarify the confusion, while also offering some brief workouts that will spice up your conditioning routine.

For starters, swinging a sledgehammer offers numerous benefits. A condensed list includes:

* Improve work capacity
* Develop core strength
* Enhance grip and forearm strength

I highly recommend the sledgehammer for all combat athletes. As a young fighter, I regularly used both an ax and sledgehammer and can testify firsthand to the results. Sledgehammer training will undoubtedly improve your ability to maintain explosive power, round after round.


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