Get Smarter “Muscle Brains” [muscle school]

Yesterday I spend most of the afternoon preparing for the new
STRENGTHOLOGY students who are taking the “Layer 1”
workshop with me this week.

Anyway, after getting the gym ready for the new students I
went to pick up my own children from “Muscle School”.

As soon as I walked through the doors at Muscle School
I heard someone yell YO ELLIOTT!

It was one of our fellow Muscle Geeks, whom I have never
seen nor met before, waiting to pick up his children from
Muscle School also. (small world)

We had a short conversation about bringing our children to
muscle school, he thanked me for my videos and newsletter,
then we parted ways with a handshake and a smile.

I was so happy to see that “our kind” are so committed to
strength that we take our children to the same Muscle School.

Oh… “What is Muscle School”?

It’s just the term I use when telling my children why it is so
important that they attend Gymnastics Training Camp over
the summer.

I tell them “Just like you got to brain school, you have to
go to Muscle School to make your body smarter!”

I use analogies to help my children understand things… but
the fact is that Gymnastics Training IS like muscle school.

There is nothing better than deliberate body weight
movement and exercise to build a form of body intelligence
that we call Kinesthetic Awareness.

Hey, you might not be in school anymore… but you should
still be getting smarter.

You should especially be building BODY INTELLIGENCE
and Kinesthetic Awareness with bodyweight exercises, like
the ones at Muscle School.

Here is a course all about building your muscle brains by
teaching the nervous system how to communicate better
with the muscle.

If you only train with barbells, or worse, machines… then you
probably have dumb muscles.

But they CAN get smarter… try building your Muscle Brains
with a short home-study course from Muscle School.


Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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