The Smelly Fart Cure

Back in 2005 I had a really bad problem.

I was a chronic farter.

That’s right… I farted, ALOT.

And not only did I fart all day long, but they STUNK!

Of course everyone’s farts smell badly, but mine were
the type that makes the paint peel off the walls.

It was bad.

So I began working with a man who has become one of
my mentors, Dr. Kalish. Dr. Kalish is an expert in
functional medicine.

This means that he takes a series of poop, blood and
saliva specimen from his patients and uses the lab results
to help the patient discover a natural cure to his ailments.

(I have been studying this Functional Medicine method
with Dr. Kalish also. In a few months I’ll be qualified to
do the same assessments for my clients. More on that later)
We discovered that I had become “gluten intolerant”.

Gluten is found in many grains including wheat, barley,
rye, oats and soy. (like ALL breads, etc)

This meant that if I ate any foods that contained gluten I
would experience inflammation in the colon which shuts
down the ability to efficiently absorb the food in my gut.

The inflammation coupled with the partially digested food
in my gut caused all of the smelly farts!

Before working on the causes of my gluten intolerance
Dr. Kalish simply suggested I go on a “Paleo Diet”.

This is a diet that limited my food intake to mostly meat
and veggies. I had to exclude all grains and dairy from
my diet for several months.

When I adopted this Paleo Diet all of the farts went

As it turns out, over 70% of people in our culture have
gluten intolerance.

The symptoms may vary… I got the “smelly fart”
symptom, but others may experience things like:

+ Red Dots / Scales on the back of their arms.

+ Little while flecks on their finger nails.

+ Bad breath

+ Low energy and sexual vitality

+ Chronic indigestion

+ Problems with focus and concentration

+ Plus many, many more…

Today I still keep gluten to a limit and get most of my
carbs from potatoes or rice.

The fact is that most of us would do well by following
a “paleo-type” diet.

I invite you to learn more about this diet and its health
benefits by studying the experts that my friend Sean
Croxton has interview for the Paleo Summit.

CLICK HERE to lean about the Paleo Summit.

Sean put The Paleo Summit on sale until the end of the
day today… I think you save about $30 if you get it before
midnight tonight.

I think it’s well worth the investment.

Here is the link:

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – Tomorrow I’ll begin talking about one of my favorite
methods for building athletic strength, power and agility.

It is a method that I once hated, but have grown to love :)

Talk to ya then!

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  1. People have eaten gluten products for forever… I wonder if the underlying cause is because of the processing that occurs modernly… or even if it is because we get next to no REAL probiotics in our diet and our bodies are given the burden of converting magnesium, zinc, and a host of other vitamins and minerals which we don’t get enough of into enzymes.

    In food combining the rule of thumb is… if you get gas then you’ve combined wrong.

    p.s.- I used to be a chronic farter as well… it was seriously bad. I blame my awesome personality for my friends for not excommunicating me from themselves. I found out I am allergic to onions, which I ate with EVERYTHING.

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