Spread The STRENGTH VIRUS [start today]

Last week a few of your fellow Strength Geeks spent
several days at my gym with me to learn my best strength
training methods.

Over the three day workshop I taught them everything I
know about building a stronger body at the neuromuscular

But before the workshop began, I helped them understand
the REAL reason why I invited them to my gym.

“To Help Us Spread The STRENGTH Virus!”

Just like the only way that you can spread a pathogenic
virus, like the flu, is to contract it yourself first.

The only way to help others grow stronger, is to grow
stronger yourself… first.

That is why our mission is “To become the strongest
version of ourselves and inspire others to do the same.

You already know how important it is grow stronger.

But I want to assert the FACT that if you are not sharing
your strength with others in some way… then your strength
is a waste.

A virus that does not move from one host to another will
die when the host dies.

You MUST share your strength.

How you share your strength is up to you.

There are as many ways to spread the strength virus as there
are people on this planet.

Personally, I have chosen to spread “the virus” though my
gym as well as online with the internet.

Through e mail newsletters like this, along with many of the
social media websites like YouTube that I use to reach people
all over the world… I inspire others to grow stronger.

I have also taught myself how to create e books, DVDs, study
courses, workshops and certifications in order to offer more
inspiration to those who want to grow stronger.

And I earn a great living for myself in the process.

Everyday I wake up with great pleasure and enthusiasm for
the work that I do.

I earn a living by talking about and sharing the things that I
love most.

And I want to show you how to do the same thing.

That is why I created The Fourth Layer Business Workshop
for you.

I designed this live workshop to share everything I know about
building a business around your passion for strength and personal

I’ve also decided to offer it for DIRT CHEAP.

Although it has cost me tens-of-thousands of dollars to learn
the things I will teach you in the workshop… I am inviting you
to learn from me for much, must less.


Because I am committed to spreading this virus… and the
fastest way to do that is to show you how I do it, and inspiring
you to do the same.

Plus, earning a great living (not just “getting by”) will give
you enough energy to get up every day and happily share more
strength with more people.

This is how it works:

IMPORTANT… The price of this workshop increases on Friday,
so if you’re interested, please take action now.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse




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