yes, SQUATS ARE BAD for your knees

It’s true…

Squats will damage your knees;

Pressing will injure your shoulders and;

Deadlifts will “snap up” your back…

IF, you’re doing them wrong.

Here is a quote you might want to write down:

“The quality of EVERY dynamic movement is
determined by the static position from which it

This is probably one of the most important ideas for the
design and execution of any exercise program.

Stated differently… “If you’re messed up, then any
exercise you do will be messed up!”

So if squats hurt your knees, its not the squat exercise’s
fault… it’s YOUR fault!

Your posture and form IS the “static position” from which
the movement proceeds.

So if anyone ever tells you that and primal movement pattern
or exercise is BAD, you just tell them… “No, YOU’RE bad!”

With the “movement deficient and dysfunctional diet”
lifestyles of modern Western man, you can assume that 95%
of people have poor posture and messed up movement

The very first thing that anyone who embarks on the journey
of growing physically stronger MUST do… is learn how to

If you don’t know how to move properly, and you add
extrinsic force (ie. weights) to challenge your neuro-
muscular system…

…you’re just building a bigger, stronger f*cked up body!

(and it will be harder to fix when the inevitable pain of it
strikes you)

Here is a video from Rick Kaselj author of Fix My Knee Pain,
correcting a common movement fault found in most peoples
squat pattern.


From a holistic standpoint…. you can not “fix” a single part
of your body, without considering the entire kinetic chain.

That would be like changing the tires on an old, beat-up,
damaged and misaligned car… and hoping that it will
run smoother!

You must consider the whole.

This is one of the rare concepts that most athletes and
coaches just don’t understand.

Fortunately, Rick is one of the guys that does.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse