Are You On Steroids?

I’ve been asked this question since the time I was a sophomore
in high school and became serious about strength training.

First the flat answer is, no… I am not ON steroids.

But I have used them, and I’ll explain how in a moment.

I played high school football and was one of the only kids on the
team who took weight training seriously.

My uncle was a trainer at the time and taught me how to squat,
dead lift and press with a barbell.  So naturally I got really strong,
really fast and ended up earning a ‘division one double A’ college

In college I dominated the league and won several MVP and all
conference awards.

Several years later I began competing in strongman competitions
and took first place in 8 out of 9 shows.

I went on to become a professional strongman a few months later…

All without the use of steroids!

Now before I continue, I’d like to make you aware of what keeps me
and my message at the forefront of the minds of aspiring strength
athletes, coaches, trainers and people working to get fit.

What sets me apart from 99.9% of the other authors and experts out
there is that I NEVER B.S you.

When I teach you something or share my ideas about strength, muscle
or performance it comes from my experiences… not some text book or
what I heard on the television.

I very rarely give advice about things I haven’t experimented with

That being said, there were several months towards the end of 2009
when I began using steroids.  It was an attempt for me to discover
what all the whooplah was about.

And so I could share my personal experiences with it, instead of repeating
what some pencil neck on ESPN thinks about it.

But just like anything else that produces dramatic one-sided results,
there was a HUGE backlash.  A price that I was not willing to pay in
the long run.

My personal experience is that manipulating my hormones unnaturally
not only changed my body, but negatively impacted my physiology,
psychology and character.

I did not like the person I turned me into.

I was NOT The Strongest Version Of Myself.

For the past two years I have invested all of my time and efforts
towards naturally boosting my anabolic hormones by making diet and
lifestyle choices that stimulate more lean muscle growth and sex energy

At 200 pounds, sixty pounds less that when I was on the juice, I am
stronger than I was in college football, I am far leaner, I have ten times
more energy, and could probably whoop any 20-year-old’s ass like
he stole something.

My #1 method for remaining more naturally anabolic that most
is keeping the hormone CORTISOL in check.

Over production of cortisol will make even the most robust manly-man,
shiver and crumble to the gym floor like a Saltine cracker under a 90 lb

It makes you weak, sick, sad and stupid.

And even if you ARE using steroids, high cortisol will be evident in the
red tint of your eyes, your labored breathing and constipation.

There is NO escaping it, unless you learn how to manage your

I’ve run out of space here, but you can read more about that in the link

You’ll also learn why almost everyone you know already has high cortisol,
and thats the main reason for so much weakness, sickness and depression
out there.

It’s messing up your muscle building, strength training and “boning ability”.

This website shows you what to do about it.


Grow Stronger Naturally,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

PS – Just to be clear.. I am not an advocate for the use of anabolic steroids.

But if you do decided to use it be aware that there are some BIG drawbacks
that may outweigh the benefit.




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