STIFF MUSCLES DON’T GROW (and look ugly)

Hey! If you’re like me, you LOVE to train with weights… right?

You might even LOVE the feeling of being sore after training
also (as I get older I’m beginning to hate being sore though).

Pounding the weights, getting stronger and building muscle is
fun… right?

But what happens when your addiction begins to ruin other
areas of your life?

Like what happens when you lift all the time, without adding
mobility and stretching to your routine, and your muscles stop

Did you know that stiff joints, that steal range of motion from
your exercises, puts a screeching halt to your muscle growth?

Did you know that stiff hips, that lack segmental mobility,
greatly reduces your vitality and sex drive?

It’s like having cement poured into your underwear!

Did you know that poor posture, due to imbalanced and tight
muscles, is unattractive to the opposite sex?

Did you know that you can do something about this problem of
damaged joints, low sex drive and poor posture?

Try this =>

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse