Strongman Equipment

Strongman Training Equipment

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Strongman Log

Strongman Logs

The Lumberjack Log series is made from premium USA quality steel and sports 2″ solid steel on the ends.  Buuuut, who the hell cares?  All I’m concerned with is how STRONG and AGGRESSIVE  my athletes and I get from cleaning and pressing this hunk of metal!!

Learn more about Log Training here: Strongman Log Clean & Pressing



Strongman Loading Stone

The Strongman Gym Stone

I LOVE stone loading for athletes!  Nothing is more primal and explosive than lifting a large stone off the ground and loading high.  But the problem is that most people can’t make their own stones or don’t want to have a garage full of concrete stones rolling around.  The (adjustable) Gym Stone fills to over 400 lbs and is a must have for every serious REAL strength program.




strongman training sled

The Strongman Pulling Sled

When you’ve got to get in shape fast, there is nothing that gets the heart pumping and sweat popping like sled dragging.  This strongman pulling sled is an exact replica of the one that professional strongmen use when training for the Truck Pull event.  Sturdy, strong and affordable… every gym needs a training sled like this!! (I wish I knew about this when I was pulling used tires ;)




Strongman Stone Molds

If your’re ready to “man up” and mold your own concrete strongman stones, this is exactly what you need.  These are the ONLY stone molds that are used my top strongmen and strength coaches.  Here you’ll find everything you need including instructions on exactly how to make stones weighing from 50lbs to 450lbs!!

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