“Strategic Cardio” (HIIT + slow-ass cardio)

“Erybody wanna be a bodybuilder… but nobody wanna
do this slow ass cardio!” – Ronnie Coleman (misquoted)

This is probably what Ronnie would say, if slow-ass cardio
were as sexy as lifting heavy weights.

But it’s not… so nobody really likes to talk about it.

And I’ve mingled with dozens of fitness pros and enthusiasts
who are afraid to even admit that they do it.

All everyone wants to talk about (including myself, until now)
is HIIT cardio.

Sprints, burpees, prowlers and box jumps till you puke… is

Walking on a treadmill? — Not so much.

But like I’ve shared with you earlier this week and in some of
my YouTube videos…

…slow, boring cardio WORKS.

Especially if combined with HIIT, in a strategic manner.

Since using this form of “Strategic Cardio” the fat has been
melting off my body faster than ever before.

Although, I can’t take credit for this method. It was first
introduced to me by Rusty Moore in his book named
Visual Impact Cardio.

In fact, Rusty and my lean bodybuilder uncle have been telling
to me do this kind of cardio for YEARS!

But I always resisted.

In my mind, if you weren’t sucking wind and ready to vomit…
you weren’t really training.

To me it was Go Hard, or Go Home!

But after reading all of the scientific jargon, that appeals to my
obsessive ego, in Rusty’s book… I decided to give it a try.

And now, I am preaching this shit like The Gospel!

To burn fat rapidly, you must combine both HIIT and slow, boring

You might ask me… “Elliott, would I really be working hard enough
to burn fat with that slow-ass cardio?

First, if you combine the different types of cardio and perform them
to specifically meet your needs… there is no doubt that you will burn
the fat off.

The key with slow cardio though, is that you should be moving at a
pace that keeps you slightly out of breath.

And if you’re in as good of shape as I am, then walking on the
beach might not be enough.

Here are a few modifications that I’ve used to support a slight
increase of intensity with my slow-ass cardio.

1. Walk on an incline. If you have a treadmill, just use the incline
function to work yourself a bit harder.

2. Carry light dumb bells in your hands.

3. Wear a weighted vest.

4. Drag a sled behind you. This is what I do, I have lots of sleds
at my gym, so I just add a 25 pound plate and pull it behind me.

You can also create a used tire sled and get the same effect.

Here is the bottom line… if you are stuck in your fat loss and
have been resistant to slow-ass cardio, give it a chance.

I know, I know… it’s not sexy, and supposedly doesn’t offer any
cool mind-masteurbation terms like EPOC.

But the shit works!

If you want all of the science and a plan to follow based on how
much weight you need to lose, I recommend that you read
Rusty Moore’s Visual Impact Cardio book. (link below)


Otherwise, just get it going.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  1. Yo Elliot!!!!!!

    I just started adding slow cardio to my weekly routine of weights, resistance training and Muay Thai.

    How often should I be doing slow cardio?
    Is 2-3 times a week for 40-60 minutes good enough


  2. I picked up Rusty’s book recently. I am the kind of guy that likes to know why I am doing things a certain way, so I like the science that Rusty provides in his book. Intervals have been touted as King, but bodybuilders have know for years that slow and steady has its place. Sure it sucks, but it does work. There is so much “I am afraid to lose my muscle” these days, and I agree that you don’t want to burn through that earned muscle. But I think that the body knows better than that. We are finely tuned organisms that evolved to survive. Digest that and go for a walk.

  3. Hey Elliot,

    Ive been suffering from chondromalacia for over 2 years and im only 21.. Over that time period Ive researched like crazy, been to doctors and physiotherapists, and nothing Ive done has helped. I know a lot about my problem, just not how to fix it.

    Ive read different ideas and recommendations, some say do squats, leg extensions etc, others say dont exercise at all, because that reinforces the problem and I find that to be true, it causes me pain.

    Ive lost a lot of muscle mass in my left leg (the affected one) and it’s really affected my performance in sports, its been holding me back and is extremely frustrating, so if you can help with this Id be extremely grateful.

    Also, on top of whatever YOU think is good to try out, can you please give me stretches for the KNEE JOINT, not specifically targeting the muscles around it, but trying to relieve the tension within the knee, including the nerves and all the other shit in there if that makes sense. Thanks man, much respect.

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