What strength training does to your brain?

Strength training is the most direct and powerful means for self discovery, physical transformation and mental mastery.

Of course, that’s my personal opinion based on the experience of strength training myself for over 20 years, training dozens of clients, serving hundreds of gym members and supporting thousands of customers with my training products over the course of my career.

But I’m confident that strength training is not alone.

There may be thousands of different ways to transcend today’s reality in order to be reborn tomorrow as a stronger, smarter, more sensitive, expressive and powerful version of yourself.

I just happened to be attracted to strength training at a very early age in life, and I reaped the rewards of this disciple almost immediately.

At first strength training was just a way for me to gain size and speed for sports, but it didn’t take long before I noticed the dramatic shifts in my self-worth and character.

When I was in high school and college I trained my buddies and football team mates in my parents basement during the summer months and off-season.  Most of them, of course, grew stronger, they gained muscle, they lost fat, and they became better athletes.

All of these gains were expected.  But we were also delighted by all of the unexpected gains which soon followed.

Better grades in school.

More attention from girls.

Increased confidence in social situations.

It’s like strength training changed our bodies, but the physical changes also seemed to be mirrored by spiritual, mental and emotional changes.

For years I was intrigued by the idea that by changing someone’s physical body, there is also a shift in their non-physical reality (spiritual / mental).

Later in life I discovered that this was supported by the Hermetic principle “As above, so below.  As below, so above.”

More recently I’ve taken the position “Your Body Is Your Mind” as a result of studying the work of Western scientists such as Wilhelm Reich MD and the work of ancient Eastern philosophies which brought us practices such as Yoga, Tai Chi and all form of “body meditation”.

This type of thinking goes beyond the basic, linear, Newtonian view of existence.  As a result, it may be challenging for some of our more “locked in the left-brain” friends to swallow.

Regardless… quantum physics, epigenetics, psychoneurobiology, psychoimmunology and other new sciences are catching up, demystifying truth and debunking outdated dogma.

In the meantime I am always grateful and amazed by how many of my YouTube fans, friends and students have taken my motivational musings on “Becoming The Strongest Version Of Ourselves” and extracted living philosophies upon which they’ve advanced in their own lives.

Yesterday I was tagged in the following Instagram post.

On this #wisdomwednesday, I’m sharing the teachings of Elliott Hulse. I’m a student of Elliott Hulse’s transcendentalist training. Transcendentalist training is a philosophy that states that when one exercises, one is not just training the body, but also the mind and the spirit. The purpose of this training is to get to know yourself through training. Transcendentalist training can be applied to weight lifting, running, yoga or any other physical activity. When training becomes difficult, one must leave the flesh to train through the spirit. By exiting the body, training allows us to transcend into a stronger version of ourselves. The goal of transcendentalist training is not how your body will look like after 4 weeks, 6 months or a year. The purpose is the person that emerges after the training is complete.

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Thank you for tagging me on this post Kevin.

It brings joy to my heart and comfort to my soul to see people like you growing stronger, transcending the flesh and achieving integration though “Transcendent Training” :)

If you’re curious, here is the video where I first introduced the idea of transcendent training in a down-to-earth, hardcore, gritty and grimy kinda way.

Keep Growing Stronger,

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