Strength Camp T Shirts – Basic

I started filming Strength Camp TV over 6 months ago.  Every show since day one had been completely raw, unedited, uncut and real.

Most of the time I am simply holding my camera as I coach my athletes or conduct my fitness classes for you to see.  Other times, i sit my camera on a tripod and rant about strength training, nutrition or motivation. ALL of the time I am wearing my Strength Camp T shirt.

The Strength Camp T Shirt is my uniform, in fact over 90% of my wardrobe is made up of Black Strength Camp T shirts.  I went on a date (“date night”) to the local arts theater with Colleen this weekend and I struggled to find something besides my “uniform” to don as we enjoyed our monthly evening out.

Well, ever since the first Strength Camp TV show I have been bombarded with emails asking me, “Elliott, where can I get my very own Strength Camp T Shirt?”

At first I wanted to keep these shirts exclusive to only those who attend my classes at Strength Camp… and I succeeded until now.

You see, since opening up “Distance Strength Camp Memberships” with my new Strength Camp DVD Program we now have over 100 members WORLDWIDE.  These members are just as much a part of Strength Camp as are the Men, Women and Athletes that cross the threshold of my bay doors on a daily basis.

So, I thought it would only be fitting to FINALLY open owner ship for each and everyone of you… to have your very own Strength Camp T Shirt.

Check em out below!

Get your hands on one of these bad boys below…


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