Strength Geek Contest

First, I just want to express how honored I am to be a part of this community.

Yesterday I asked you for some feedback about what might be the best direction for us to move towards collectively… and your support almost brought me to tears.

Before I tell you about the contest, I need to share something personal with you.

As a kid I had a hard time “fitting in” for reasons as varied as my racial ambiguity, all the way to fact that my energy was so vibrant that it literally struck fear into the hearts of many other children, their parents and my school teachers… so much that they suppressed my energy with prescription medication.

For years this caused me to see myself as “not like the rest” and even beneath them.  I was not good enough, smart enough and I couldn’t even tell you what I “was”.

I carried this resentment with me for a long time.

Recently I discovered that the underlying emotion that has been fueling all of my work as a writer, coach and entrepreneur was ANGER.

Everything I did proceeded from a sentiment of rebellion and a need to prove my worth.

Today I know that this sentiment does nothing but cause me to hurt myself, the people I love…. and causes me to hold back from fully receiving the love that people want to share with me.

It has held me back from giving and receiving a FULL MEASURE of the love that we have for each other.

Although we may have never met (or ever meet face-to-face), our exchange is real.  I sit at my computer or stand in front of my camera ever single day and offer you EVERYTHING that I have.  You know that I hold nothing back from you.

And YOU have taken time out of your day, from your work, your family, etc… to embrace the love I share with you though these words and my videos.

This is what is meant by communion… and what I experience as love.


Next, you have given me ample permission to continue using the title “Strength Geek” with you.  Great!

Also, our advanced students still know that they hold the distinguished title of Strengthologist :)

At first I was going to write a long post about what it means to be a Strength Geek… but instead I am going to share one of the e mails that came in yesterday from our friend and future Strengthologist (later this month) Louis C.

This is what he had to say about being a Strength Geek:

I like the term strength geek

It gives a sense of intellectual unity, portrays a character that stands up for what he/she wants.

This person is not the typical stereotyped weak and boring geek

This is a geek who understands that strength is a necessity and a virtue, that intellectual and mental strength alone cannot be fully fulfilled without getting physically and spiritually strong as well

A strength geek understand that strength is a collaborative process, that he/she cannot learn everything themselves, that books and conversations on opposing ideas are a necessity to form his/her philosophy and greater picture for life.

A strength geek understands that conformity is mediocrity

The strength geek seeks a tribe, a culture, a group to lead and serve with his/her knowledge and wisdom, but never confines to the idea that he/she knows it all, for he/she is a student of many minds

The strength geek keeps an open mind, embracing the fact that there is no one absolute way to everything, if not just finding balance and the right system for the given situation

A strength geek is a caring individual, a giver and a helper, for he/she understands that ultimate satisfaction is in sharing their love and passion with those who need it and want it

A strength geek is a stubborn soul on a mission to serve a greater purpose with his/her talents And never subjecting to the idea of conformity, for he/she knows that conformity is just a trap to stop him/her from growing and becoming the strongest version of themselves

I would wear this with pride my friend & can’t wait to meet you in two weeks! :)

Luis Carrillo

THANK YOU Luis… I think I’ll have this made into a poster! lol


And to celebrate, I would like to hold a fun little contest with you… if you’re interested.

A few months ago I had these t-shirts designed for us:

You can purchase one in your size over at this website.


I had these made because I thought you’d like them, especially since you’re such a geek ;)

So here is how the contest works….

1. Get yourself an “I’m A Strength Geek” t shirt.

2. Take a picture of yourself wearing it while a) doing something cool b) with someone cool c) in an interesting location (or anything else you can think of that is interesting).

3. E mail me your picture: elliotthelp@gmail.com

NOTE – I will be posting all of the pics on a website, so make sure your cool with that before sending your pic.

Here is a sample entry from one of our fellow geeks Jim wearing our shirt while posing with pro bodybuilder Kai Green! 

Whoever sends the most awesome picture will win a brand new Kindle Fire (BUT if there are 10 SUPER AWESOME pics, I might just give away 10! — so don’t hold back).


The deadline for this contest is SATURDAY JULY 7th! – this should give you plenty of time to get your shirt, plan your shot and e mail it to me.

Good luck :)

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  1. Post

    Dean, if the site above doesn’t deliver to the UK… can you find a similar type of website over there that I can hook up with?

    Just post it here. Thanks!

  2. Awesome letter Luis…great job summing up what we all agree on!! I’m with Elliott, that would be a great poster.

  3. I would love too, but the shirt sizes aren’t big enough. I would wear this shirt every day all day. I’d wear it to football practice, judo practice, gym workouts and any where any time. I’ve been a fan/ follower of you a good minute. I’ve bought LHM and Gridiron domination, plus anabolic energizers. Sucks I can’t get the shirt. I would love to have a kindle, especially with how much I started reading when I found out about you. If you do get shirts up to 4xl, PLEASE let me know. Also if you publish e books for kindle that would be awesome.

  4. I really would like to participate, but even if I have already bought the t-shirt yesterday it wouldn’t be possible to take a picture wearing it till the deadline. Brazil duties and fees sucks!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing a personal part of your life with us Elliott. I’m always interested in what makes a person ‘tick’ and their journey so far. Breaking the chains from childhood/growing up is often a life-times work as an adult I’m sure you’d agree. How wonderful is it though when we learn to let our spirit shine through and we can begin to share and sense the power within us. Btw…would love to win the Kindle Fire but you American dudes have so much more cool goin on!

  6. Thanks Elliott for Sharing my email, am Honored Big time!

    I have always felt different, not fitting in like your younger self, but have acted the opposite way; I do not rebel openly, if not internally, always asking myself why don’t I fit in? is there something wrong with me?

    and the more I try to answer that, the more I realize that the answer is NO, I am myself and this is just a feeling of non-conformity towards being average!

    Your products, writing and videos have helped me shape my mindset these last couple of months, and have given me the strength to rebel and express my true soul!

    Thank you my friend and am grateful to be your student!

    can’t wait to rock that shirt out!

    Luis Carrillo

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