Are You A “Strength Geek” Too?

If you read and enjoy this newsletter.

If you’ve invested in any of my advanced strength

If you’re inspired by my non-traditional approach to
“strength” and life, which I share with you on YouTube
and Facebook….

Then you belong to a very small, and unique class of

In the past I have affectionately called you a
“Strength Geek”.

You are fully invested to the pursuit of becoming the
Strongest Version Of Yourself.

You develop your physical strength.

You keep your physiology strong with healthy food
and lifestyle.

You develop your mind, as you realize just how much
it impacts your bodily strength.

And you are committed to sharing that strength with
the world, and enjoy earning a living in the process.

Now, I need a little help from you…

If you will wear the name Strength Geek with pride,
please let me know.

If you think there may be a more empowering title
by which I may refer to YOU and the small band of
committed folks you belong to… please tell me.

I think it is important that we come together under a
title that defines our unity and affirms our commitment
to GROWING STRONGER in every area of life.

Please help me by commenting below if you consider yourself a
Strength Geek (like me) or if you have a more empowering idea
for a name to unite us.

This may seem silly, but names are very important.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse

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  1. Man thats an awesome name. I’d wear it. I wont be back in the states for another couple of weeks but me and my boys will wear it in ” ROB & SONS” gym. Love reading your Post


  2. I would wear this everyday,to school o the gym to sleep.Unfortunately I live outside the states.

  3. I’m a strength geek. I do it for all the reasons mentioned above and more. I call myself a soulifter. It’s much more than muscle.

  4. Yo Big “L”! Love reading all of you ideas! I, myself, am a Strength Geek too! My motto is “Learn. Teach. Evolve.” I consider the guys I talk to about strengthening our lives “Evolvers”. We speak about ways to change the things in our lives that challenge us and bring us to our knees! We talk about turning problems into obstacles. We talk about how we can beat them down and rise above them !!!I recently quit my job to do what I love. Everyone said I was crazy because I had a good paying job and I “had it made”. I said, “Fuck that! This is depressing and I feel imprisoned” . If I have no say over my life when it comes to making money by doing the things that I love, then shoot me down! Anyway love you shit and would love one of those shirts to proudly wear on my website! Thank YOU Elliot, you inspire us every day and I wish I had you as a neighbour!!! Talk soon!! Ken

  5. Yo Elliot!! I’ll rock the name Strength Geek! Its always an honor to stand out from the rest as an achiever. Know what to do, Practice it, and encourage others with knowledge. Thanks for all your help.

  6. Elliott,

    Sure will, I have been wishing there was a good way to bring us all together in a public way in order to let people know that something is happening…in order to change the strength/fitness world in a broader sense, people have to see it as much as possible. I would be proud to brand myself or my website as being a part of the Strengthology movement.

    Personally, I like the Strengthology name. That would be another good option along with saying something about being the “new movement in REAL strength”

    Keep me/us posted on this idea!

  7. Strength Geek is great – but for the level of knowledge you drop, Elliott… I believe “Strength Scholar” is much more fitting! Thanks for all you do, brother.

  8. I like strength geek – Also like soullifter as mentioned above – Heres some I would throw out there…

    Strength soldier
    Strength seeker

    Strength Apostle – Apostle of strength
    Strength Freak
    Seeker/s of strength
    Strength Compadre
    Strength KING

    Possibly something in greek would be cool,

    Still liking strength geek and already carries a close association with you (In my mind any way)

    Hope that helps brotha!

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