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Here is a guest blog post from my friend John Wayne Legg (what a cool name, huh!).

John was so awesome as to make mention of me as an “Outlaw” in his new book Strength Outlaw.
John is a pretty cool guy who, like me, feels it better to live by his convictions rather than seek to pacify the masses. The article below reflects that sentiment.  Enjoy. – Elliott 

Strength Secrets of Australia’s Most Notorious Outlaw

This post is not for you if you are happy conforming to the ‘rules’ that other people want to pile on top of you.

This post is for men and women who want to:

Be truly strong, from the inside out.

Harness the power of Strength Outlaws past and present

, Gain mental and physical strength to work through the tough times

, Launch your own personal revolution

, Gain the strength of forming a higher purpose for your life

, Do what (others say) can’t be done!, 

Defy the odds and do amazing things

, Start using the power of thinking outside-the-box

… Be stronger and live a happier life!

Born June of 1855, to a proud Irish family, Edward “Ned” Kelly is without doubt one of the most iconic figures in Australian history.

Edward “Ned” Kelly

Mostly known for the custom made suit of armor and helmets that he and his gang wore, he was like Australia’s version of Robbin Hood. You may have even seen the film that actor Heath Ledger made about him before he died. His father being an ex convict shipped Down Under in the mid 1800’s for stealing two pigs, Ned Kelly was destined to rebel against British rule and the wealthy Anglo Australian ruling class, in some form. What most Aussies don’t realise is how noble this rebellion was and how many valuable lesson we can learn from his life.

Wherever you live in the world, you can benefit from the strength secrets of Ned Kelly’s life.

At the age of 19 Ned was crowned the boxing champion of North East Victoria. An unofficial title, but impressive nevertheless. The match was fought with bare knuckles, which had already been declared illegal at this stage. If you don’t know much about boxing history, all boxing matches were originally bare knuckle. And not to take anything away from our modern heroes of the ring, but fighting without gloves requires men strong of body, but more importantly strong of mind. Especially in this case, as the fight lasted a grueling 20 rounds. Ned Kelly definitely had the strength that was needed for bare knuckle boxing, and defeated his more experienced opponent.

How was this infamous Aussie outlaw so strong of mind to fight through 20 punishing rounds of bare knuckles boxing? What is it that makes some people so much tougher than others? Why do some continue to stand in the face of adversity and overcome it while others fall every time? We are talking about true strength here, not only being able to blast through your workout in the gym but you being able to carry that strength into every area of your life and become a Strength Outlaw. Someone who will defy all and everything that tries to drag you down. Someone who will strive forward and do what others say is impossible.

Do you want to be like this? Do you want to be a Strength Outlaw?

With your permission, I’d like to invite you to read my book “How To Be A Strength Outlaw”.

I have poured my heart and soul into this book in an effort to help you. If you want what I’ve been talking about in this article, I know my book can change your life. How do I know this? Because I changed my own life using the same principles I will share with you. Using the using snap shots from the life of Ned Kelly, plus stories from my own life and other Strength Outlaws, I will show you how you can have the things I mentioned at the start of this article. I will show you how you can become truly strong, from the inside out. How you can be a Strength Outlaw. I have such a passion for helping you become the strongest version of yourself, that despite being told I am crazy for doing so, I have put my book up on Amazon and made it less than what you will pay when you go out for a meal. So you have no excuse.

Follow this link: to >>learn more about how you can be a Strength Outlaw<<

Stay strong,

John Wayne Legg

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