The ONLY Strength Supplement I Use

I don’t talk too much about bodybuilding and strength
supplements because I think most of them are pure crap.

Right now I only take fish oil supplements, vitamins
and a greens shake every one in a while.

I haven’t even used whey protein in almost a year. It
turns out that whey gives me rashes! (weird)

BUT there is one… and ONLY ONE, supplement that
I use when getting ready for a strongman show and
need to increase my strength rapidly.


There is no other word for me to describe the rapid strength
results of creatine, except magical.

But not all creatine supplements are created equal.

If you’re using creatine monohydrate, or any of those
sugar-laden creatine drinks on the market… you are
probably getting poor results and may even be getting

I personally use Hypergain Creatine.

Since I’m not a supplement expert I’m going to save you
from any quasi-scientific babble and invite you to watch
this short video from my friend Rick Gray.

CLICK HERE for a short lesson on how to use Creatine.

Like I said, I’m not much of a “supplement guy” but when
I do use something that I’ve gotten great results from I feel
it’s my job to share it with you.

No pressure, but if you’re interested in creatine for muscle
and strength then you’ll enjoy this video.

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse