Growing Stronger (advanced methods)

I’ve discovered that there are two types of people who
read this newsletter and watch my videos.

First, there are people who are INTERESTED in strength
and the idea of becoming the strongest version of

These people enjoy reading a few books and watching
videos on different methods for gaining strength, building
muscle and getting healthy.

The second type of person is FASCINATED with the
body, how it works and how they can maximize their
full potential in every way possible.

These people are like me.

They never stop digging deeper and gaining more
knowledge about what makes them strong.

Fascination is one step beyond interest. Interested
people want to know IF it works.

Fascinated people want to know HOW it works!

My fascination with strength has led me to study under
dozens of teachers….

…from experts on muscular balance, to experts in
physiology and psychology.

Over the past ten years I have read hundreds of books,
attended dozens of workshops and attained more
certifications than I care to count.

Now, I use everything in my expanding database of
knowledge to help myself, my clients, and athletes
become stronger versions of themselves.

These are advanced methods that 99% of the other
trainers and so-called experts do not know about.

If you are as fascinated by the idea of becoming the
strongest version of yourself in every way possible…

…then you are the right type of person for my advanced
home study courses and STRENGHTOLOGY Certification.

And you might be excited to know that I’ve recently updated
and expanded my Superior Program Design course….

…It is now called Advanced Neuromuscular Strength.

It still serves as the prerequisite course for the live
STRENGTHOLOGY workshop… but it has 100% brand new
content and new ideas that no other coaches are even aware

As a way to celebrate the new and improved edition,
I have put it on sale this week only for 50% off.


Like I said earlier, there are two types of people who read
this newsletter…

…and this course is not for those who are merely “interested”
in strength.

This course is for YOU, if you are as fascinated in growing
stronger as I am.


Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse





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