Get STRONGER (with NO “puffy muscles”)

Three years ago I had become addicted to getting stronger
to win professional strongman competitions.

I DID get much stronger back then, and I DID win lots of

But I also got really fat.

My muscles were very strong… but covered with a layer
of ugly, puffy fat.

Now that I am back into competition, my goal is to remain at a
low body weight, keep my body fat down WHILE getting stronger.

In fact, I would like to be STRONGER than the big, fat Elliott.

Everyone involved in strength sports knows that the heavier you
are the more strength you can typically produce.

But what they DO NOT know is how I plan on using a special
method that I call Aggressive Strength Complex training to get
stronger and more explosive WITHOUT the extra mass.

If you have a copy of this program you have already felt the effects
of combining power lifting movements and plyometrics in order
to produce “aggressive strength”.

This type of training focuses on “myofibrillar” hypertrophy,
meaning that it works to increase the amount of muscle fiber that
surrounds the cells in your tissue.

This produces a “harder” look while getting you stronger…

As opposed to “sarcoplasmic” hypertrophy which involves the
increase of muscle fluid to produce a “puffy” mass look, with
far less strength gains.

You can try these Aggessive Strength Complexes here:

Grow “Harder” and Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

PS – you can see every single workout that I personally do, as I do
them over on the website below:

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