A Stronger YOU Through Qigong

Building The Strongest Version Of Yourself With Qigong
Guest Post by: Marcus Santer

Don’t read this if you already know how to be the strongest version of yourself.

But if any of the following apply to you:

You regularly lack energy?
You have difficulty recovering from workouts or overcoming injury and illness?
You wake most mornings feeling more tired than when you went to bed?
You find yourself overreacting to small things that never used to bother you?
Your sex drive has taken a nosedive?
Your thinking is cloudy and sluggish.
You suffer a lot of heart burn and indigestion.

Then the good news is Qigong can definitely help.

Let me explain:

You’re Trapped In A Catabolic State

Here’re two terms you need to be familiar with:

Catabolic – Relates to the breakdown of complex molecules into simpler ones. It’s a destructive cycle.

Anabolic – Relates to the fusion of simple molecules into complex ones. It’s a constructive cycle.

Chances are, if you’re reading this, most of the exercises you do are catabolic, you’re actively breaking down your muscle tissue. Which is fine! It’s a good thing… As long as you don’t work out too hard.

If you work out regularly to the point of vomiting, nearly passing out or until your ‘face blows off‘, then this is one of the most catabolic (destructive) state producing things you can do.

At some point, you’re gonna pay the price for this kind of training: Physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

Over training is a major stress on your body, other stressors that contribute to unhealthy catabolic states are:

Burning the candle at both ends.
Eating loads of crap.
Being stressed out and stuck in fight or flight mode all the time.
Poor lifestyle choices such as smoking and drinking to excess.

Add a few of these together and you’re in trouble. The result is your catabolic stress hormone levels remain high inside your body and you end up with the list of symptoms I mentioned at the start of this post.

All of these stressors can drain testosterone from your body like a leaky tap and increase levels of one of the main catabolic stress hormones Cortisol. Cortisol cannibalizes your muscles, slows down your gains and increases body fat. Continued high levels increase your appetite and turns off your disease fighting white blood cells.

What You Need To Understand About The
Autonomic Nervous System

Before I talk about Qigong and what makes it one of the most powerful tools to move you away from the destructive catabolic state to the constructive anabolic state, I first need to make certain you have a basic understanding of the Autonomic Nervous System or ANS.

Consider this the 30,000 ft in the air ‘birds eye’ view of this complex subject.

Do you have to consciously think about how to?

+Digest your food.
+Grow your hair and nails.
+Keep breathing when you go to sleep at night.


Why? Because your ANS automatically takes care of all these functions, and many more for you.

The ANS is also responsible for your ‘Fight or Flight‘ response, a survival tool that is radically over stimulated by 21st century living in virtually everyone.

The ANS has two modes:

Mode 1 – Sympathetic Nervous System or SNS is responsible for:

Fight of Flight

I like to think of it as the “Fight or Flight” mode.

Mode 2 – Parasympathetic Nervous System or PNS is responsible for:

Sex hormones

I like to think of this as the “Rest and Build” mode.

Now whilst you need both, they’re usually way out of balance.

The Parasympathetic mode doesn’t get the respect it deserves because you’re stuck on this crazy treadmill called modern life and it just keeps going faster and faster.

You’re expected to do more, to do it quicker and to do it better than ever before and woe be tide you if you don’t.

The result is you’re stuck with an over stimulated “Fight or Flight” response, which keeps you, full to overflowing with catabolic (destructive) hormones like Cortisol. But it gets worse. Being stuck in this mode crushes your bodies natural production of Anabolic hormones:

Growth hormone

You know, all the good stuff that helps you to build muscle, gain strength and face life from a position of power.

There’s nothing wrong with the “Fight or Flight” mode, it’s a vital key to your survival and performs many wonderful duties. But when it’s out of balance (which is true for most people) it makes it impossible for you to build the strongest version of yourself.

When Life Is Hard You’ve Got To Rest Harder

The reason why Elliott kindly invited me to write to you today is to tell you a little more about Qigong or Chi Kung as it is often spelled and why it can help you to create a more anabolic environment within your body which could help you to build more muscle and strength.

Which ever way you want to spell it, Qigong is a Chinese art for deliberately enhancing your body’s vital energy, called Qi (pronounced Chee). In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) philosophy Qi is what keeps you alive and makes all the systems of your body function correctly. A literal translation of Qigong means ‘Energy Work’.

Qigong originates from a culture that (traditionally) placed great value on relaxation, meditation and activities known to stimulate the Parasympathetic Nervous System.

Qigong enables you to balance out your over stimulated “Fight or Flight” Catabolic mode and move towards the “Rest and Build” Anabolic mode that will allow you to:

Access an anabolic (constructive, building) state.
Release more growth hormone, testosterone, DHEA and melatonin.

In fact Qigong is one of the most powerful Anabolic Energizing exercises you can practice today. Qigong is prized for its ability to reduce stress levels, reduce muscle-eating cortisol, and rebalance your nervous system. Quickly and simply.

But… Most of what is passed off as Qigong today isn’t Qigong. It’s what Qigong masters politely refer to as ‘Qigong Form‘. And you need to know the difference or you could end up wasting a lot of time, energy and money.

Qigong, like many of the great arts from the East that can stimulate your “Rest and Build” mode all share a common problem. Their essence has been ‘lost in translation‘ and what you end up with is an over emphasis on the form.

Qigong has suffered the same fate. This once closely guarded, jealously kept secret of an elite few has been reduced simply to gentle external movements… and that’s not good enough to give you the benefits I’ve mentioned.

With your permission, I’d like to invite you to learn Qigong. Proper, real, authentic, balancing, energizing, anabolic enhancing Qigong.

Follow this link: http://elliotthulse.com/recommends/qui to learn more about Qigong and to see a special offer that Elliott and I created for you.

Grow Stronger,



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