stronger and SMARTER muscles (do this)

Most athletes would agree that focus and concentration
on the muscles being used in a specific exercise is a good

Modern bodybuilders and new-age fitness gurus like to
call this form of concentrated effort “mind-muscle” or
“mind-body” training.

But if you study ancient forms of exercise, like Qigong
and Yoga, you quickly discover that our ancestors always
considered the mind and body as one thing.

I’ve been known for saying “your body IS your mind”.

And with one look at how the spinal chord extends itself
out of the cerebral cortex down into the body and reaches
out to innervate EVERY single part of our organism though
what we call “the peripheral nervous system…

…you know that this is true.

The central and peripheral nervous system are ONE
seamless unit. Heck, our entire organism and all its system
is ONE seamless unit!

Imagine a nervous system without a digestive system to
assimilate nutrition to support it.

The only division between the systems and subsystems of
our bodies is that which we have created in our own

Anyway, you might have heard me talk in some of my
videos about how I’ve been doing yoga.

Besides the obvious increase in flexibility that is a well
known benefit of practicing yoga…

…my muscles are also becoming SMARTER!

The term YOGA is a Sanskrit word that translates into
English as “to yoke” or “to unite”.

Yoga helps us to strengthen what people call “the mind-
body connection”, creating more intelligent muscles.

Intelligent muscles are STRONGER due to the increased
nervous power generated though the CNS into the muscular

Intelligent muscles have greater balance, proprioception,
coordination, motility, mobility, agility and power!

If you have not yet tried adding Yoga to your routine, you
might want to give this a try.

Joining a Yoga class full of middle aged woman, like the
one I attend, might be a little uncomfortable for most dudes ;)

So I’m glad that my friend Adam Steer put together this video
course called Yoga For Strength Training

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse