Strongman Training For Kids (or just my kid ;)

Last week I met a guy who had 3 sons, he seemed to think that the fact that his children had penises and mine didn’t somehow made him more of a man than me.

I’m pretty confidant in my manhood and it takes a lot to offend me.  Besides my arrogant and stubborn nature allows me to shed the ridiculous opinions of morons, while simultaneously accumulating evidential ammo for the next attack.

While his sons are at Chuck-E-Cheese filling their little bellies with purple soda and Hot Pockets… my GIRLS are swallowing raw eggs and tossing heavy objects around for fun – or something like that ;)

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  1. screw what some guy thinks. he doesn’t understand what it really takes to be a parent. if having a boy is the only thing that is important to him then what will he pass on to his boys? how to fish and drive a car? not how to be a really man set goals and accomplish them. you are by far a better parent then he will ever hope to be.

  2. Hey Elliott! Now that she is getting old enough… are you hoping to start her into sports? Something like basketball or softball, or something more physical like hockey? Good job tho!

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    @ – Adam, we’re gonna get her rocking with Gymnastics next month. I feel like this will build better kinestetic awareness than most team sports.

  4. what a sweet looking little girl! the girls from my time all have soft bones because they never had a load put on them,hell I don’t think they made them sweat back then,now they are paying for it!Hey Elliott, little girls can get scholarships from sports the same as boys!

  5. For some reason I didn’t see you as a gymnastics dad! You should make little “Strength Camp Gymnastics” shirts for her.

    But for sure, some of the core strength and focus those young girls have is unreal. With the hanging hoops and uneven bars… stuff like that.

  6. I tell ya Elliot, my daughter didn’t like gymnastics that much, but once she got into martial arts … she goes there with a smile and leaves with a smile. I just have to reign in my enthusiasm from time to time. U have a hard core princess there man … congrats on the fantstic work on raising her.

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    @ Adam – there is a lot about me that most wouldn’t “see me as” ;)

    @ Njama – yea, its a toss up between gymnastics and martial arts. i feel both provide similar benefits. we’ll give em a try and see what pans out. thanks!

  8. My parents started me and my two older sisters in gymnastics when we were little and I absolutely loved it! While my oldest sister never really took to it, my middle sister and I continued it for quite a few years. It was great when I was in third grade and stronger and more coordinated than some of the boys in my class! I’ve heard that other people have had success with martial arts, too. Might I suggest Aikido? Good luck!

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    @ Steph — that is great. we have a new 9 year old gymnast training at Strength Camp. she has a ton of muscle imbalances from
    training gymnastics so I aim to balance out her physique with corrective stretching and strengthening. Ill keep you posted ;)

  10. I cracked up the whole time! She used great form-she has great calves already.
    I wouldn’t want to tangle with her 15 yrs from now!!!

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