The stupidest guy in the gym

Because of the relative ease, comfort and convenience that
most of us experience in our lives, we often suffer from one
of the most crippling diseases of the modern era.


Once a society has evolved in a way that ensures relative

…the people no longer have to worry about things like finding
food, securing shelter and fending off attackers.

Because the life challenges that our ancestors faced no longer
press upon us, we have lots of free time and the resources to
spend lavishly.

Even if you work at a minimum wage, you are still far wealthier
than your great-grandparents AND 90% of the world’s population

This extra time and resources leaves a void in your life.

There is an opening that needs to be filled.

So you begin by choosing a hobby, like weight lifting or

You read books, blogs and magazines about training.

You watch YouTube videos and engage in conversations on
workout forums and websites.

You even get a gym membership and begin working out.

At first you are thrilled with your “newbie gains” and get
excited about going to the gym everyday.

But then something strange, yet inevitable, happens.

The gains stop coming so easily.

You realize that what you did to get those early gains is no
longer working.

Even though you are still working hard, you are starting to
become frustrated.

Then…. bored.

This boredom makes you begin the search for excitement all
over again.

You start looking and reading around like you did in the first
months of your journey…

…only to find the “same old” stuff being repeated over and
over again.

Nothing new.

Nothing exciting to quell the boredom.

NOW… you are at your most vulnerable to the seduction of
quacks and charlatans who promise fast and easy results.

Your boredom and search for excitement makes you stupid!

Do not be this guy.

Understand this…

…personal evolution, on every level, is a VERY LONG

Because we have things so easy, and we’re seduced by
excitement and entertainment at every corner…

…we have forgotten the LAW of patience and consistency.

Our ancestors understood, by experience, that to plant a seed
and see the sprout was only the beginning.

They knew that it would take several months and years…

…perhaps even decades, to reap the harvest of their labors.

This is exactly how you must approach muscle and strength

Be very skeptical of short cuts.

Take the steady, mature approach to your training and life.

If fast results come at first, be grateful… but do not become
attached. It will end.

And when things don’t happen as fast as you’d like. Don’t
go looking for something new and extraordinary to do.

Take a deep breath and keep on going.

Make small adjustments as you see fit. But stick to the

The winner of this game is not the most genetically gifted

The winner is the one who never gives up.
Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse

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  2. Very good..
    I stopped worrying about gains a few years ago, i think i had been working out for 2 years then.. im natural so they come so slowly that if you start to stress you are gonna make mistakes or get injured (altough it is sometimes frustrating to see the juiced up guys allways growing i stick to what i believe).
    What i do is i stoped looking at myself or weighing myself so much, every years when i go on vacation i take pictures on the beach and every years i look better, so, i dont worry.. sometimes even with the same bodyweight you are much better, more mature muscle..
    As long as my lifts are going up and im performing better im happy and that’s what really matters, i love working out, not just the results..
    Keep it up !!

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