Is this SUCCESS or is it SLAVERY

Lately, I’ve been thinking about our obsessive striving
towards “success” in the modern western culture.

Contemporary success simply means that you’ve
gained admiration or recognition from the masses.

It really doesn’t matter WHAT you do, or who you are if
you simply gain and maintain the favor of the masses.

“Snookie”, from the Jersey Shore show, is successful.

So are dozens of rap artists who earn millions singing
about shooting people in the face and selling crack.

It seems that as long as your willing to pander to the
base desires of the mass psychology… you have a shot at
becoming successful!

But the minute you decide to “switch it up” on them
your success is at risk.

I think of guys like Dave Chappelle, who was one of the
most successful comedians of the decade.

He earned millions of dollars to be “himself”, until
one day he saw that this success was causing him grief
and chose to turn his back in it.

The crowed Booooed him off the stage.

The media called him crazy.

He lost millions of dollars.

It’s strange — here is a man, although a comedian, who
seems to be more interested in his personal evolution,
ie.becoming the stronger version of him, than remaining
shackled to the dictates of the masses…

So he is no longer considered successful.

He’s washed up.

Now, I really don’t know the details of any of these peoples
lives…. or what is going on in their heads. And YOU don’t

My point is that in some way… so-called success is a form
of slavery.

You become bound to the image that others uphold you by.

If it means that you have to buy a bigger house in a more
prestigious neighborhood; drive a newer car; wear a particular
brand of clothing…. in order to maintain the image of success,
then you’re no better than impressionable teenager trying to
“fit in” with the cool kids.

You’re a slave! — challenge their expectations for you, and
you’ll be banned to the “losers” table.

This is especially true if you’re on the path to becoming the
stronger version of yourself.

When you become a stronger you… you will be more in tuned
with your body, with your heart and the things that bring YOU
pleasure regardless of what others think.

You are not willing to sacrifice your health, in order to earn
more money than you could possibly need.

You will not give up your unique form of self-expression just
to “fit in” with what the mass psychology calls “normal”.

You will no longer strive towards things that hold no real
value to you, simply to have others look admirably upon you.

You may even become an outcast.

But you will be you… the STRONGEST you!

Grow Stronger,
Elliott “The Incredible” Hulse