Top 5 Bodybuilding Supplements that don’t Work!

Guest Post By Sol Orwell, Author The Supplements Goals Reference Guide


Hey, like I mentioned in yesterday’s newsletter I was recently contacted by the Sol Orwell about promoting his massive 800 page Supplement Reference book to my readers.

The fact is that it is becoming more and more difficult to find honest and intelligent e book publishers to work with.  It seems like every other day someone comes out with the new “magic-muscle building cure”.

But after a 5 minutes of speaking with Sol, I realizes that this guy was of high integrity and he actually had something unique and valuable for us.

Now, I don’t take credit for anything said in the article below… but I asked him to write something for us to learn a little more about what we might discover in his Supplements Goals Reference Guide.

Here is give us a list of what he calls “Top 5 Bodybuilding Supplements that don’t Work!”

Its totally up to you to decide, but I think what he has to say about some of these “staple supplements” is kinda interesting.


Tribulus terrestris

Also known as trib, it was the first “testosterone booster” on the market. It’s quite popular, and a lot of people will report how they feel jacked up after they take it.

Except it doesn’t work. Trib is a healthy herb, and it’s a nice libido booster; it’s gonna make you horny. Here’s the thing – if your testosterone is up, it’ll increase your libido. But – the opposite is not true. Boosting your libido does not mean you’ve boosted your testosterone.

The thing about trib is they’ve tested it over and over. It’s failed in rats. It’s failed in humans. Hell, it’s even failed when injected directly into rats and monkeys. It just keeps failing!

It stays on the market because it jacks up your libido. And people buy it non-stop.



Glutamine is an amino acid that’s easy to get, and is important in building muscle. In fact, the more glutamine you can get into your muscle cells, the more they will grow!

Except – that’s not how it works in real life. In real life, after you ingest glutamine, your intestines pretty much hoard it. It never has a chance to get to your muscles.

If you’re getting enough glutamine – and only vegetarians tend to have that problem, or if you have burns all over your body – glutamine doesn’t boost up any muscle building.

So – this does mean that glutamine is good for gut health, but it ain’t gonna make you bigger.


Glucosamine isn’t recommended for actual muscle building, but whenever someone complains about their joints aching, invariably the first recommendation is “glucosamine.”


Thing is, there is literally no evidence glucosamine works for joint pain. There is a ton of research on glucosamine itself … it’s just in the elderly with osteoarthritis. And even then, it barely works (it’s like taking a car from 40 mpg to 42 mpg).

You may think joint pain and osteoarthritis are similar, but they are completely different. No one who knows the evidence can, in good-faith, recommend glucosamine for joint pain (unless you have osteoarthritis).

Conjugated Linoleic Acid

For those not into paleo, CLA is known as a fat that burns fat. To people who are cutting, CLA is sold as preserving muscle mass when leaning out. Sounds pretty awesome, people even cite scientific sources as support.

Then again, we all know some guys who love to cite scientific sources that say the opposite of their claims.

The results for CLA are a mixed bag. The main results were in rat/mouse studies, and we know that they don’t always apply to humans. In the human studies themselves, there is an incredible amount of variation in the results. Hell, there’s even a study that showed CLA caused fat gain.

Another supplement to skip.


This one I need to clarify.

BCAAs can be extremely useful, but only in specific situations.

First off, BCAAs are found in most protein sources, and are found in high levels in most dairy protein sources (ala whey and casein). Because of this, when you’re consuming a lot of protein (which I assume you already on), you’re getting a ton of BCAAs as-is.

If you are doing fasted training or intermittent fasting then BCAAs are useful, but HMB is likely better.

If you want to just consume a lot of BCAAs because you think it will make you stronger … whey is more anabolic and more cost-effective.

If you just want the pure anabolism of BCAAs … just buy leucine. It’s cheaper (though it does taste like ass).

BCAAs themselves are pretty damn important, but are so easy to get via diet that you don’t really need to supplement it.

And there you go. Five supplements that everyone thinks you need … but don’t. If you want more truth on supplements, and to find out which are actually worth the money, then CLICK HERE to learn more about The Supplement Goals Reference Guide