No Sympathy For Fat Kids!

People often say that I need to be more compassionate.

Sure, compassion is a wonderful virtue and it helps you relate to
the struggles of other people…

…but I just don’t get it.

Since I never feel sorry for myself no matter how hard things get,
I just can’t see feeling sorry for others. (call me a jerk if you want to)

Especially when it comes to areas in your life that YOU have total
control over.

Of course there are tragedies that are completely unavoidable, but
even then… you can choose how to respond to those challenges.

The most successful people in my book are NOT the ones who’ve
made it to “the top”.

The most successful people to me are those who have faced enormous
challenges and tragedies AND grow stronger from the experience.

If you grew up in a home where your parents only feed you fast food
and junk… you will probably end up obese.

This is NOT your fault.

But as you become an adult and you begin to choose what kinds of
food you eat and what activities you’re going to you…

…YOU can make new choices, totally reinvent yourself and your

Take one of my Strengthology students, Taylor Locke for example.

You can see a video of Taylor at the bottom of this website.
(he’s the humble kid in the blue t-shirt)

Taylor grew up as a fat kid.

Then he started watching my videos and reading different websites
about how to lose weight and build muscle.

After taking the advice I gave in one of my YouTube videos from
2010, Taylor began a simple diet and training program.

In less than 12 months… he lost over 100 pounds of fat!

Imagine, just from taking the advice that I gave in a single 4 minute
video this kid changed his life.

Not only that, he also decided to dedicate his life to supporting
other people in becoming the strongest version of themselves too!

That is why he attended my Layer 1 Strengthology Certification
earlier this year to become one of only 12 such coaches in the world.

What about you?

Do you feel sorry for yourself about not becoming your best?

What is your excuse for living below your potential?

Should I feel compassion towards you?

OR… can you do what Taylor did, and change the path of your life.
Become the stronger YOU…

…and inspire others to do the same thing.

You only live once.

It’s up to you.

Join the winners circle…

here ->

Grow Stronger,
Elliott Hulse