When we apply tactics we get quick, fleeting results.

When we follow principles we get solid, long-term gains.

This holds true whether we apply it to training, relationships, or business.

Any dude who has banged out 100 push ups to get a chest pump before going to the beach knows what I am talking about.

Sure, your chest looks swole for about an hour… then it deflates and you’re left with the same flat pecs you had earlier.

Trying to pick up women with “game” talk and NLP might get her to into bed with you… but afterwards you might find yourself laying with to someone you can’t stand.

​​​​​​​As a gym owner and fitness entrepreneur I’ve seen the same situation play itself out for myself and other gym owners.

Trainers and would-be gym owners use all kinds of business and marketing tactics to get clients and earn money…. but the results are always fleeting.

You might get a client or two, but when “the pump” wears off and you’re left with clients you can’t stand being around (or don’t pay you what you’re worth) you’ll have to start again — from square one.

For years I’ve shared the most sound strength training principles I know with you on YouTube, in this newsletter and at my seminars and workshops.  A part of the reason for my success as a coach has been my relentless application of principles over tactics.

Today I help other gym owners become successful by teaching principles for amazing long term business results.

I realize that most of the people reading this message are mostly interested in building muscle and becoming the strongest version of ourselves… but there are a few of you here who want to take it the next level.

If you love FITNESS, LIFTING and COACHING — and you would like to be mentored by me and learn the critical principles for owning your own successful warehouse gym business (like Strength Camp), then here is what you should do next.

1. I created this free video training for you.  When you register you will also get my new Warehouse Gym Business Success journal.  So I will be sending you emails all about opening and operating a successful gym.

2. Read this letter I recently wrote for you, all about The Three Strength Camp Business Principles I used to build Strength Camp from the back of my old van, into one of the most successful gyms around.

If you’re not here for gym business talk, no worries.

I’ll only be mentioning this kind of stuff briefly here, especially when I have something new and empowering to share with you.

For those of you ready to take the journey of fitness entrepreneurship with me, go hereand watch my new video training.  Go here to begin studying principles that will help you take it to the next level.

Keep Growing Stronger,
E Hulse